Aligning Promoted Pins with Pinterest trends delivers 3x higher returns

The household appliance maker tapped into insights from Pinterest’s annual Pinterest 100 trend report to launch two new products, measuring a 3x higher return on ad spend from Promoted Pins.

higher return on ad spend for Pinterest 100 Pins
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Their goal

Stirring up interest for two new products

SharkNinja is a pioneer in the housewares industry. Their Shark-branded vacuums and Ninja-branded kitchen appliances are continually rated among the best in their categories from industry publications, and given 5-star consumer reviews.

In the lead-up to the 2018 holiday shopping season, SharkNinja wanted to launch two new products: The Ninja Foodi and the Ninja FreshVac Blender.

Ajay Kapoor
VP of Digital Transformation, SharkNinja
“When we were assessing new product launches of the Ninja Foodi and Ninja FreshVac Blender, it was clear that we needed to tie into macro consumer trends through the Pinterest 100. This campaign illustrated the strong outcomes tied to this association with the Pinterest 100 resulting in better engagement, stronger product education, and more sales.”
Their solution

Aligning products with trends

SharkNinja’s purpose is to positively impact people’s lives every day, in every home around the world. That innovative spirit extends to how they do advertising, too. When they read the Pinterest 100 for 2018, a list of emerging growing trends, they saw the opportunity to align their new products with a couple specific Pinterest trends.

They picked two trends that tied nicely to their products. First, “diet-friendly frying,” up 1,809% for 2018 and a perfect tie-in with the Foodi.1

For the FreshVac Blender, the team decided to focus on “mocktails,” or cocktails without alcohol. According to the Pinterest 100, interest in mocktails was up 160% for 2018.2

To make the connection clear, SharkNinja developed a campaign of Promoted Pins that featured the Foodi and FreshVac Blender along with imagery and messaging that referenced the trends. They added a simple Pinterest 100 trend icon to some of the Pins to further establish the link.

SharkNinja used a variety of targeting methods, including actalike audiences, interest targeting and keyword targeting.  

To test the effectiveness of their approach, SharkNinja simultaneously ran a number of other Pins that featured the same products and spoke to the same product benefits, but didn’t highlight the trends or include the Pinterest 100 badge.

Their results

3x higher returns for Pinterest 100 Pins

SharkNinja’s campaign reached 17.6 million people.3 The Pinterest 100 Pins delivered a 3x higher return on ad spend than those without the trend callouts—an increased engagement. Among the Pinterest 100-associated Pins, those with the badge drove an average 10% higher return on ad spend compared to those without the badge.


1Trends based on global searches and saves. Every topic has at least 250,000+ saves. Excludes seasonal spikes.

2Trends based on global searches and saves. Every topic has at least 250,000+ saves. Excludes seasonal spikes.

3SharkNinja data, 2018

Advertiser tips
  • Capitalize on Pinterest trends. Show people how your products can help them bring new ideas into their life.

  • Follow Pinterest creative best practices, like adding text overlays to give context to images and video, incorporating tasteful branding and making your product the focal point.  

  • Get the most for your ad spend by reaching the right people with Pinterest’s in-depth targeting capabilities.