Their goal

Scoutmob is a curated lifestyle marketplace that celebrates independent makers and their handcrafted creations, from hand-stitched camera straps to custom stamped necklaces. Their marketplace features more than 1,000 makers and more than 10,000 products in categories like home decor, art, gifts and jewelry. One of the first brands to use Promoted Pins, Scoutmob regularly gets 2x higher returns with Pinterest than with any other online platform. 

Scoutmob’s primary goal is to attract new customers and inspire sales. Because they prioritize conversions over every other metric, they’ve learned to optimize their Promoted Pin campaigns as they go, ultimately moving people closer to checkout.



Brian Davis
Director of Business Development, Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives
“Pinterest presents an incredible opportunity for marketers—just name another digital marketing channel in which users collect and share your advertisements!”
Their solution

Optimizing for conversions

As a startup that has to be savvy about their marketing budget, Scoutmob pays careful attention to return on ad spend. That’s why they stick to CPC Promoted Pin campaigns and use the Pinterest Conversion Pixel to understand how to optimize content and get people closer to checkout. Partnering with Marketing Developer Partner 4C gives them the tools to measure, optimize and iterate quickly based on what people want and which products are doing well and need to be surfaced.

To make sure they’re reaching the right people, Scoutmob uses interest and keyword targeting relevant to their products and Promoted Pin creative. They also invite people to engage with their content through a mix of multi-shot Product Rich Pins and those that feature their products in action, like this Pin of a bottle opener.

For Scoutmob, sometimes it’s clear which Pins are pulling in purchases: “We struggle to keep our Swaddle Blanket in stock because Pinterest sends so much traffic!” Brian says. Other times, the results can be deceiving. For example, some Pins are popular simply because they look nice on a mood board or inspire foodie daydreams—not because people are looking to buy. By tracking their investment back to conversions using the Pinterest Conversion Pixel, Scoutmob can discern whether people are simply collecting pretty things or saving them so they can purchase them.

Key insights

Inspiring people to spread the good stuff

Pinterest works for brands like Scoutmob because it fundamentally changes how people respond to and engage with ads and advertisers. Unlike most other advertising, which can come across as intrusive, Pinterest ads are a seamless part of the user experience.

On Pinterest, Scoutmob has tapped into a captive audience that values and seeks out distinctive, independently-made goods to adorn their homes and their lives. This means that not only do people enjoy seeing Promoted Pins from Scoutmob, but they actively click, save and spread that content!

“Pinterest gives content an almost-certain afterlife; a Pin lives forever and can take on many lives of its own, providing returns long after the campaign has ended,” says Brian Davis, Scoutmob’s Director of Business Development, Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives.


Doubling the returns

Scoutmob’s Pinterest presence is its most productive marketing channel, rivaled only by email. According to the Scoutmob team, Pinterest provides returns double what they see on other social media channels.

What works

Suggestions from Scoutmob

  • Measure what matters. Be clear about what you want from your campaign: Engagement? Sign-ups? Sales? Your strategy should change based on what matters most to you.
  • Optimize your campaigns. Pinterest gives you the conversion tracking tools to track how well your Promoted Pins perform, so you can adjust your campaign on the go.
  • Get the expertise you need. Collaborate with one of our Marketing Partners to create a campaign that both delights and gets results!