Samsung uses video on Pinterest as part of a campaign that aims to both increase awareness and drive traffic to their online store

A giant in the world of electrical household goods, Samsung set out to win over an affinity audience by using a two-stage communication strategy. Their goal? To drive awareness of their new washing machine, the QuickDrive, while also increasing the number of users at the purchase consideration stage. The Samsung campaign was primarily focused on video, with an initial emphasis on Promoted Video ads in maximum-width format in the first phase, followed by video advertising in standard-width format as part of a second phase. The targeting strategy’s combined use of Pinners’ interests and life moments together with actalike audiences resulted in a very good campaign performance.

2.4 M
people were exposed to the campaign at an average frequency of 12
in awareness among users planning to buy a washing machine within the subsequent 24 months
higher completion rate in comparison to the average for other social media sites
in shopping intent among users planning to buy a washing machine within the subsequent 24 months
Anne-Dorine Laclau
Head of Media & Acquisition, Samsung France
“On top of being a platform that allows us to reach affinity audiences, Pinterest has proved an effective medium for significantly boosting shopping intent!”

Their goal

Improving awareness and increasing shopping intent for Samsung’s product with Pinterest’s video pins

Since the company’s creation, innovation and design have been at the heart of the South Korean electronics manufacturer’s strategy, with the sole aim of improving day-to-day life for everyone. With high-end technology, sleek design, and innovative products, Samsung inspires their customers and enriches their lives by providing the very best of what technology has to offer. And the brand’s new washing machine, the QuickDrive, is no exception. A real game changer on the domestic front, the QuickDrive provides the best possible laundry experience, while also allowing users more time for themselves.

Samsung turned to Pinterest to enhance awareness of its product, in particular, by placing the washing machine’s high-tech features, such as speed, quietness, and ecobubble technology, front and center for its core target group. But the brand didn’t stop there. In fact, Samsung’s ultimate hope was to boost shopping intent for the QuickDrive and increase qualified traffic to its website. Pinterest was up for the challenge.

Their solution

A two-stage video campaign for boosting awareness and traffic

Phase 1—Awareness: The bigger the video, the better the engagement. 

Samsung based the first phase of its campaign on a premium format that matched its awareness goals: maximum-with Promoted Video ads. Four times bigger than standard video ads, this format is key in increasing engagement rates—a fact the electronics brand was very aware of when they made Promoted Video ads the central element of their washing machine campaign. During the first phase, Samsung used the larger format to target audiences at the intent stage with an interest in related topics such as interior decoration, design, and weddings.

Phase 2—Driving traffic to the online store: The standard video ad format is highly sought-after when it comes to generating qualified traffic.

During the second phase of the campaign, Samsung decided to stick to video as their preferred format. But this time, their goal was to direct qualified traffic to their website by using the standard video format. The brand produced four 10-second videos to target the same audience they reached during the first phase and to engage visitors to their website and other similar audiences.

Their results

Video ads—A recipe for success

The Pinterest campaign produced a 25% increase in product awareness and a 23% increase in shopping intent for the Samsung QuickDrive, across an audience made up of prospective buyers at the same intent stage with plans to buy a washing machine within the next 24 months. At least 2.4 million people were exposed to the campaign at an average frequency of 12. The video completion rate was 12 times higher than on other social media sites used during the campaign. With these excellent results, Samsung achieved an average visibility rate of 40.1% across their target audience.

Advertiser tips

  • Opting for a full-funnel campaign (i.e. combining awareness campaigns with consideration or conversion campaigns) allows you to adjust formats, goals, and messages depending on where each audience segment is located in the conversion funnel.
  • Choose short, eye-catching video content. Short, concise formats are important on Pinterest, because they correspond to Pinners’ behavior, as is the case with most platforms that offer a mobile feed. However, given that the view rate on Pinterest is higher than on other platforms, it may be a good idea to combine these shorter video formats with slightly longer formats.