Room & Board

Building new sales growth with shopping campaigns

The modern home furnishings and decor company used Promoted Pins and built nuanced targeting strategies to help them create new sales growth in key market areas.

Watch how they did it below!

return on ad spend from their Promoted Pins campaign
return on ad spend from their Shopping Ads campaign

Their goal

Reaching key markets with targeting

Timeless. Practical. Comfortable. For over 35 years, Room & Board has been in the business of creating handcrafted, modern furnishings and home decor around these key principles. The Minneapolis-based company designs their furniture in house, with over 90% of their products manufactured in America. Inspiration comes from Shaker, Danish and Asian design that’s translated into elegant, contemporary pieces that fit perfectly in today’s home.

While the company has been growing steadily, with 17 stores across the US, a thriving business online and a Business Interiors team dedicated to commercial design projects, Room & Board was looking to attract new customers to the brand. They specifically wanted to reach both men and women near their physical locations.

The brand has been on Pinterest since 2012. Since 93% say the platform gives them ideas for what home decor products to shop for1, the Room & Board team knew that Pinterest would be an ideal place to run customer acquisition campaigns.

Jill Linville, Communications Director
Room & Board
“After creating our Room & Board Pinterest account in 2012, we learned quickly Pinterest was the best place for us to leverage our vast collection of creative assets, outside of our website and catalog, by providing visual inspiration to a new audience.”

Their solution

Inspiring decor ideas for shoppers

They started running Promoted Pins in 2016 and introduced Shopping Ads campaigns in early 2018. Room & Board’s in-house creative team designed and showcased new Promoted Pins and Promoted Video Pins on a monthly and seasonal basis. They also created boards to feature select artisan-crafted pieces for central areas of the home, like “Bathroom inspiration” and “Living room inspiration.”

Their Pins used text overlay to offer up decor tips, give people new ideas and get people into their stores. For example, some of their Pins said things like “Did you know we offer free design services?” and “7 ways to arrange your frame wall.”

In order to reach new customers in Room & Board store markets and grow in new markets, the team used customer list targeting and actalike targeting to reach existing customers and other Pinners who resembled them. They also paired relevant and inspiring Pins in order to draw people in while browsing on Pinterest.

Their results

Inspiring decor and design shoppers to buy

Their campaigns were a huge success. Room & Board saw a whopping 51x return on ad spend in their Promoted Pins campaign and 33x return on ad spend in their Shopping Ads campaigns. They exceeded their goals by 127% between February and June 2018 with Pinterest remaining the top performing social platform in driving new sales. 

Ann Vick, Director of Marketing
Room & Board
“The insights we gain from our Pinterest team and the results we see from our campaigns help inform marketing decisions across our other digital efforts.”

Advertiser Tips

  • Drive more new sales with Pinterest Shopping Ads.
  • Pay attention to Pins that perform well organically and use similar creative in Promoted Pins.
  • Use text overlays in Pins with strong calls to action to drive higher CTR.
  • Update boards daily to grow organic reach and engagement.
  • Choosing creative that feature simple, attainable looks or using images with bright colors perform best.

GfK, US, Pinterest in the Path to Purchase among its Weekly Users, Dec 2017