22 %
increase in traffic from Pinterest
24 %
increase in revenue from Pinterest referrals

Developing a winning Pinterest strategy

Although Reiss started off using Pinterest as a way to promote their feature content and blog posts, they’ve since expanded their Pinterest profile to be a comprehensive head to toe representation of the Reiss lifestyle. By saving everything from seasonal clothing collections to inspirational quotes and city guides, they can show people what their brand is all about.

“The Reiss customer loves to travel and has an affinity to luxury, so it’s no surprise that we get high levels of engagement on food and drink pins, as well as on our multiple ‘Reiss Guide’ boards,” said Reiss Social Media Specialist Kat Perriam. “Pinterest gives us the perfect platform to show a more diverse side of the Reiss personality, and it’s been a great tool to strengthen our brand values and beliefs.”

Kat Perriam
Social Media Specialist, Reiss
“Pinterest gave the highest average order value across all of our social channels in 2014.”

Uncovering surprising marketing insights 

Reiss doesn’t just save a bunch of content and hope for the best. They are methodical about using Pinterest Analytics to check in and see how their Pins are doing, and to see what people are saving from their site. In doing so, they also made a surprising discovery—their menswear Pins are at the top of the pack. 

“We’ve always thought of Pinterest more as a platform preferred by women,” said Perriam, “but when looking at our best-performing Pins, clicks and impressions coming from, it’s actually menswear imagery that tops some of our best-performing content.” 

In response, Reiss shaped their marketing strategy to target more men, Pinterest's fastest growing demographic, collaborating with male bloggers and influencers on their website, and opting for an aesthetic directly influenced by Pinterest’s most popular pins. 

This discovery also led Reiss to introduce Pinterest into their menswear emails, something that they had previously limited solely to their female database. As a direct response, the inclusion led to a surge in new male followers and engagement in the days following, and saw their referral traffic to Reiss menswear increase by 47% against the previous week.