A Pinterest debut

Reese's is best known for their iconic Peanut Butter Cups, a confection founded in 1928 by H.B. Reese that is now part of The Hershey Company’s product portfolio. Reese's has over 20 different product lines in their brand portfolio, including Reese's Pieces, Reese's Sticks and the beloved Reese's Seasonal shapes–trees, hearts, pumpkins and eggs.

Reese's wanted to focus on increasing purchase intent with their consumers by creating an active presence and campaign on Pinterest. The brand debuted on Pinterest and used a combination of Promoted and Cinematic Pins to capture consumers’ attention with a unique (and mouthwatering) animated storytelling approach during an important seasonal time period to drive brand interest from targeted Pinterest users.

Specifically, Reese’s aimed to drive product consideration during the football season by showcasing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and other related Reese’s products as the perfect ingredient for game day snacks. In addition to Promoted Pins, they used the eye-catching motion of Cinematic Pins with a football-themed animation to inspire people to use Reese’s in their own tailgate recipes.

"We chose Pinterest as our next marketing platform because it let us hone in on our millennial audience during key decision-making moments, especially when they are planning menus or activities during the football season,” said Connie Kwok, Manager, U.S. Brands Digital.

Reese’s collaborated with the Pin Factory, Pinterest’s in-house creative testing studio, to launch their Pinterest presence and determine which content would perform best in a Cinematic format. They also used Pinterest best practices such as creating vertical Pins, using recognizable but subtle branding and saving recipes with high engagement on other platforms.

90 %
brand favorability after campaign
25 %
more likely to purchase a product
TJ Garner
Senior Associate Brand Manager, Reese's
“We were able to showcase the Reese's brand in a fun, playful and engaging way. We successfully impacted purchase intent, brand favorability and familiarity, and developed our own creative best practices for Pinterest.”
Pinterest and Reese’s: A perfect pairing

Reese’s Pinterest launch campaign was a success. Their use of Promoted Pins helped scale appeal and interest for the Reese’s brand and the use of Cinematic Pins displayed the brand in a captivating new way. Not only did Cinematic Pins capture people's attention for longer than the norm, but they also helped drive metrics such as preference and purchase intent with a compelling call to action at the end of the animation.

To measure the success of the launch and the effectiveness of their Pins, the Reese’s brand utilized a Millward Brown Brand Lift Insights study.

Here’s what they learned:

  • People on Pinterest love the Reese’s brand. Close to 90% of the Reese’s target audience responded favorably to Reese’s Pins and felt they fit perfectly on the platform.
  • Cinematic Pins increased purchase intent. Cinematic Pins were very effective in driving the highest level of purchase intent among Reese’s audience. People who saw a Cinematic Pin indicated they would be 25% more “likely to buy Reese’s products in the next 30 days” compared those who did not see a Reese’s Promoted Pin.
  • Promoted Pins drove brand affinity. Promoted Pins drove interest and increased already high brand favorability for Reese’s products among their target audience. The study also found an 11% increase in the number of target viewers who agreed with the statement “Reese’s is fun to eat.”
What’s next for Reese’s and Pinterest

“Consumers come to Pinterest to be inspired, and they are actively seeking out Reese’s products to serve as a solution," said Garner. "We are eager to continue to find new ways to use the platform to drive brand engagement by giving consumers new ways to create, host, gift and enjoy Reese’s products."

Suggestions from Reese's
  • Seek first to inspire and help, then to talk about your brand
  • Capture consumer’s attention with the motion of Cinematic Pins
  • Follow Pinterest best practices to make the most of your marketing campaign
  • Learn about Millward Brown Brand Lift studies