Promoted App Pins help Playrix win new gaming customers

Finding new customers with Promoted App Pins.

2 x
return on ad spend
20 %
of Pinterest installs resulted in paying users

Their goal

Finding new customers

Playrix is one of Europe’s biggest mobile game publishing companies, focusing on games for tablets and smartphones. Their titles consistently rank among the Top 50 grossing apps for iOS and Android.

Playrix wanted to boost customer acquisition for their top two games, Fishdom and Gardenscapes. So they partnered with Taptica, a global mobile ad platform, to help launch international cross-channel campaigns in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Their key objectives were acquiring high-value customers and generating a positive return on ad spend.

Gal Tadmor
Senior Performance Manager, Taptica
“Considering Pinterest’s audience demographics and behaviors, these kinds of visually appealing, story-centric puzzle apps were a perfect match for install campaigns on the channel.”

Their solution

Optimizing targeting to boost performance

To meet their scale and quality goals, Taptica and Playrix launched a multi-platform campaign on mobile and social channels and Pinterest was a key part. They used Promoted App Pins targeted to relevant Android and iOS users on Pinterest.

Taptica had run campaigns for clients on Pinterest before and knew the visual nature of the platform would be a great fit for Playrix’s high-quality graphics.

The team cast a wide net in their initial strategy, targeting by general keywords like “gaming” and “puzzles.” They used Pinterest analytics to better understand their existing customers’ interests. Using these insights, they were then able to build their keyword lists and sharpen their targeting strategy based on what customers were clicking and saving.

They found that people on Pinterest who engaged with ads for Gardenscapes frequently interacted with Pins about home decor, DIY projects, crafts, fashion and travel. By optimizing their targeting towards creative and messaging for these users, Taptica was able to maximize ad performance for Playrix and send new customer numbers soaring.

Artyom Ripakov
Marketing Growth (UA), Playrix
“We’re thrilled with Taptica’s campaign results on Pinterest, which has been a standout platform when it comes to acquired user quality.”

Their results

Insights that lead to action

Pinterest proved to be a top-performer from the start.

  • 1/5 of Pinterest installs resulted in paying users.

  • 3/4 of paying players from Pinterest drove a lifetime value greater than 2x the acquisition costs, outperforming other platforms used in the campaign.

  • More than a 2x return on ad spend.

Playrix and Taptica plan to build on their marketing efforts on Pinterest.