Finding an audience on Pinterest

Recycling done right—that’s the message Pivot wants viewers to take away from its unscripted series, Human Resources. The show follows the employees of TerraCycle, a company that upcycles and recycles junk into useful everyday items. Since so many of the people who use Pinterest every day come to find creative ideas for repurposing old stuff, Pivot decided to use Promoted Pins to drive awareness for the show.

“We were intrigued by the opportunity that Pinterest presented around the show using Promoted Pins to more organically reach their users and build awareness.  It offered something different to a more traditional push through other paid social channels,” Tracy Klein, VP of Marketing at Pivot said. “We worked with Pinterest and really got creative with the show’s DIY theme.  We offered Promoted Pins that engaged users and simultaneously raised awareness about a show that is relevant to their tastes and interests.”

With their media agency of record, RPA, Pivot used TerraCycle’s own Pinterest board to highlight the company at the center of the show. The show’s concept inspired many Promoted Pins featuring eco-conscious upcycling how-tos, like lampshades made of pens, cardboard coasters and coffee pod bracelets.

Their creative Promoted Pins worked, garnering more than 3.5 million impressions and inspiring more than 44,430 engagements, including saves. And the earned value from those repins led to long-lasting value: Pivot saw a 10% decrease in cost-per-click (CPC) and an 8.8% decrease in cost-per-engagement (CPE) over time. In fact, engagement from Promoted Pins was 3x more efficient compared to other platforms.

10 %
decrease in cost per click
3 x
better engagement
Tracy Klein
VP of Marketing, Pivot
“We are thrilled with our first experience with Pinterest ads.”
Do it yourself, not all by yourself

Pivot had some help in making sure the campaign would work. They worked with a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner for Ads, Adaptly, to make sure they’d reach DIY-minded audiences.

When RPA and Pivot heard Adaptly had a partnership with Pinterest, they knew they wanted to explore the platform. Human Resources provided them with a unique opportunity to reach their target audience and create compelling content that would resonate with Pinners.