Petplan Insurance

Promoting relevant pet health content

Petplan is not your typical pet insurance company. They take great pride in fostering a brand that focuses on pet health through high quality content and exceptional customer service. Their goal is to enable communities who want to provide the very best for their four-legged family.

As a premier source of pet health content, Petplan was looking for a way to visually showcase their expertise and convey their brand personality. After researching the pet topics trending on Pinterest, they began creating boards with compelling images from their popular pet health magazine, fetch! Over time, they expanded into specific educational content such as the “Health Tips” and “Breed All About It” boards.

Within a few months, Pinterest became Petplan’s second-highest source of social network referral traffic, generating 69% more page views and 97% greater time on-site than Twitter, and rivaling the performance of Facebook.

“We saw great success in being able to attract people to our brand with general, broad-reaching content. Our success went beyond our direct community—two months after creating our Pinterest presence, Social Media Delivered included Petplan on its list of Top 20 Companies on Pinterest.”

35 %
increase in page views
87 %
increase in new site traffic
Natasha Ashton
CEO, Petplan Insurance
“Our approach is to make relevant and easy-to-digest pet health information available in a visually compelling format. This helps us engage with the pet-loving community on Pinterest, and achieve some of our broader strategic goals for driving explosive growth.”
Engaging new customers on Pinterest

Did you know that in the U.S., only 1% of pets are insured? By comparison, this number is closer to 30% in the UK, and as high as 50% in Sweden. Petplan wanted to increase the awareness of both the availability and necessity of pet insurance. Through a series of tactics like adding the Save button to their website, including Pinterest Follow buttons in their email footers and social campaigns, and optimizing site content for Pinterest, Petplan attracted a massive following of new pinners interested in their pets’ health.

The following quarter, Petplan saw a 87% increase in new site traffic, a 35% increase in page views, and a 12.5% increase in insurance quote requests.

“We put in effort to increase followers who are interested in animal welfare. By leveraging Pinterest to create the desire to connect with a brand that is passionate about pet health—we are not just helping our business continue to grow at an explosive rate, we are also helping advance the wellbeing and health of dogs and cats in North America.”

Building a strong pet health brand

With only 1% of U.S. pets insured, Petplan isn’t simply trying to capture market share by differentiating itself from competitors. Petplan seeks to grow the market in general and emerge as thought-leaders and innovators who are driven by passion and supported by smart, sustainable strategic planning and execution.

Suggestions from Petplan
  • Attract new audiences with compelling and relevant content
  • Add the Save button next to your site content to attract saves