Old El Paso

Driving higher brand performance with Pinterest Promoted Video

Old El Paso inspires modern Mexican food with quick and easy meal options people can make at home. They used Promoted Video to demonstrate how to make a simple recipe in an engaging way. The video campaign generated unprecedented lift in ad recall (4x higher than non-video ads), high brand favorability and improved purchase intent for the Old El Paso brand.

Their goal

Inspiring action with compelling videos

Old El Paso acted as an alpha tester for Pinterest Promoted Video, a unique new ad format that enables businesses to tell their brand story through a compelling video designed to inspire action among an intent-driven audience.

Their goal was to increase brand metrics such as Pin awareness, brand favorability and recipe intent, as well as lift the specific brand attributes of interesting, creative, energetic, authentic, reliable and surprising.

point increase in brand favorability
point increase in intent to try promoted recipes
point increase in perceptions of Old El Paso as a creative brand
4 x
more memorable than non-video ads
Key insights

Creating a sweet and easy Promoted Video

Before launching their video content, Old El Paso researched their audience’s behavior on Pinterest to ensure their video would stand out on the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest is the second largest food and drink platform, with the average user spending more time, and browsing more food content, than anywhere else. And people on Pinterest definitely have a sweet tooth—consumers have saved more dessert content on Pinterest than appetizers and lunch combined! The most popular dessert-related searches are for easy or no-bake desserts, indicating that people are interested in discovering dessert recipes they can create quickly and without a lot of fuss.

Based on these insights, Old El Paso developed a promoted video featuring a recipe for Mini Churro Taco boats—an easy, no-bake individually-sized churro dessert.

Meredith Schaffner
Associate Marketing Manager, Old El Paso
“We’ve run several campaigns with Pinterest and consider video a natural evolution on how we want to connect with our Pinterest audience. Our customers come to Pinterest with high intent and the ability to show a recipe and our products through video is a unique opportunity to drive higher performance.”
Their solution

Measuring the success of a new ad format

One of the unique elements of the Promoted Video ad format is that it starts by capturing a user’s attention with an interactive preview highlighting the best parts of a brand’s video. The preview animates as someone scrolls both backwards and forwards. As a result, the user is in complete control and the motion is 100% adaptive. Once a user sees the video preview in their feed, they can then click to watch the entire video with sound in the new Pinterest native player.

Old El Paso worked closely with the Pin Factory, Pinterest’s in-house creative studio, to choose the best frames to capture attention in the preview and drive clicks to the full video. To ensure that they showed the video to the most qualified audience, Old El Paso targeted the “foodie” persona—people who are actively saving and searching for food-related content on Pinterest.

They took advantage of the Pinterest brand measurement partnership with Millward Brown to test the effectiveness of this video campaign. Millward Brown used Pinterest’s proprietary in-app survey technology and holdout groups to source and poll a large measurement sample and control group. They then analyzed this data to report on the lift in the brand metrics Old El Paso had predefined.

To measure the impact of a campaign on brand equity, Millward Brown typically compares responses to brand lift surveys across people who saw the ad, and a statistically similar group of people who didn’t see the ad. But in this case the team took it one step further by measuring the impact of viewing the video, as well as viewing just the in-feed video preview. With these deeper results, Old El Paso could understand the impact of each video touch point on their brand results.


Promoted Video drives brand performance

Based on the measurement analysis, Old El Paso’s video campaign was a huge success.

  • Promoted Video heightened ad memorability. They were 4x more memorable than a non-video ad, indicating that these videos are highly successful at capturing and retaining viewers' interest.
  • Promoted Video increased brand favorability. Due to the longer, more interactive format, people who viewed the Promoted Videos felt more favorably toward Old El Paso (+8 points) and were more likely to associate the brand with being creative (+10 points).
  • Promoted Video drove intent. Since video tends to be a much more compelling way of storytelling, Promoted Video viewers were also more likely to respond that they were interested in trying out the recipe featured (+8 points).