Natura Makeup

Optimized Pins boost Natura Makeup's organic traffic

When Brazil’s top cosmetics manufacturer started following our best practices, clickthroughs increased by over 11x.

40 %
of Natura Makeup's social referrals come from Pinterest
11 x
increase in clickthroughs from Pinterest
Using Pinterest for organic traffic

Natura Makeup is Brazil’s top cosmetics manufacturer and a leader in direct sales, with over 1.4 million field consultants. Rooted in sustainability since 1969, Natura and their Natura Makeup brand are an inspiration for beautiful, sustainable living.

Natura Makeup was looking for ways to increase organic traffic to their website and owned channels from social media and other platforms. They decided to join Pinterest in 2016, and quickly built out their presence. To ensure they followed best practices, Natura Makeup created a dedicated team focused on optimizing Pinterest’s organic formats and tools.

Getting smart about Pin creation and organization

In Brazil, there are over 650,000 Pinterest searches for cosmetics each month. Natura Makeup wanted to reach this engaged audience with inspiring and helpful content. Every month, the Natura Makeup team added 20 more organic Pins. The Pins were both beautiful and beneficial, highlighting things like palette colors, step-by-step beauty tips, new products and fashion influencers. Natura Makeup also experimented with Rich Pins, the Save button and the Pinterest widget.  

Not only did Natura Makeup give people new things to discover each month, but they made it easy to explore their growing collection of Pins. Their boards organize Pins into categories like tutorials, trends and top products so it’s simple for Pinners to find what they’re looking for.

Mayara Ziroldo
Digital Marketing Manager, Natura Makeup
“We have included Pinterest in all of our marketing and communication campaigns and this has made a big difference in our results.”
Making Pinterest a key referral platform

Natura Makeup's presence on Pinterest has created a surge in organic traffic. Within a year of setting up their profile, Pinterest accounted for 40% of all Natura Makeup social traffic, and Pin impressions to their website increased by over 11x.

Natura Makeup noticed that people interacted the most with their step-by-step Pins. They also confirmed that their Pins were reaching the right people. Some 60% of the clickthroughs on the step-by-step Pins came from Natura Makeup's core audience, women ages 25-54.

As the Natura Makeup team keeps adding more Pinterest content, they’ll continue to educate their audience with more DIY and step-by-step Pins. They’re also paying close attention to newly published best practices to make sure they get the most out of Pinterest.

Mayara Ziroldo
Digital Marketing Manager, Natura Makeup
“Pinterest helps our customers to learn new ways to use our products, so it’s very utilitarian but also inspiring.”