Lifting awareness about insurance

The insurance and financial services company used Promoted Video Pins and targeted search terms to connect with millennial, first-time homebuyers, lifting brand awareness among 18-to-34 year-olds.

Erin Frum
Enterprise Media Director, Nationwide
“Pinterest allowed us to reach consumers during that discovery phase. In leveraging Pinterest’s ad products, we were able to develop a robust marketing strategy including various touch points throughout the consumer’s path to purchase.”
Their goal

Guiding insurance decisions

Putting people first: that’s what Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company believes is the secret to their success. Based in Columbus, Ohio, where the company was founded in 1926, Nationwide has now grown to become one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. The company remains committed to their customers, as evidenced by their “On Your Side pledge” to “be reliable and empower you to grow and protect your financial well-being.”

Nationwide wanted to connect with people looking to buy their first home and increase their awareness and consideration of Nationwide home insurance. People use Pinterest to help plan for major life events, including buying their dream home. That’s why Nationwide hoped the platform would help them find their audience. 70% of Pinners find branded personal finance services content on Pinterest useful, and 66% say Pinterest gives them ideas for what personal finance service products to shop for.

Pinterest could also deliver on the right demographics. Nationwide specifically wanted to reach people 18-44 (60% use Pinterest) and especially millennials (50% use Pinterest). Pinterest also reaches 1 in 2 millennials,the generation currently in the first-home market.

Nationwide hoped to reach people early in their search for the perfect home and position the company as a reliable expert and resource. They also wanted to encourage people to visit the Nationwide Learning Center’s Home Resources section. There, the insurer offers free, helpful content about homeowner’s insurance—including tools to determine how much insurance to get, common homeowners mistakes, tips for filing claims, and more.

Nationwide’s own blog content, and their previous Make Safe Happen campaign on Pinterest, had both performed well, so they wanted to learn whether insurance-related content could also contribute to sales goals.

Their solution

Different Pins for different goals

Nationwide built a comprehensive campaign to find their audience on Pinterest. They specifically wanted to reach people who were actively searching for and engaging with content about buying a home or moving.

The insurer used different Pins and targeting approaches to achieve different goals. To increase awareness and identify people interested in the home insurance content, they used Promoted Video Pins targeted to the search phrases “first time homebuyer” and “furnishing a home,” as well as to custom audiences.

To drive traffic to its Learning Center website and boost consideration, Nationwide used one-tap Promoted Pins. Nationwide retargeted one-tap pins to people who had already engaged with other Nationwide video content by watching, saving, sharing, commenting or clicking through.

Erin Frum
Enterprise Media Director, Nationwide
“It was our first time using Promoted Video Pins. We were really excited with the results we were able to achieve with respect to both the strong brand recognition and the cost-effectiveness of the campaign.”
Their results

Promoted Video Pins for the win

Nationwide ran the campaign from October to December, 2017. Once they were done, they ran a Millward Brown Brand Lift Study to measure results. The study showed that the campaign resulted in meaningful brand lift for the company and their products in the target demographic.

Promoted Video Pins were the top performers, driving double digit growth in aided brand awareness. As this was the first time Nationwide used this format, they were excited about the results in terms of cost-efficiency and brand recognition.

The study also revealed that the Nationwide campaign content engaged men more often than women, and influenced men more when it came to aided brand awareness. This insight led the company to identify a continued opportunity to engage with 18-to 44 year-olds, especially men and millennials, around home-related services.


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