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MVMT Watches used Promoted Pins to sell its line of quality, crafted timepieces. The company found Pinners convert at a rate 2X higher than users on other platforms—and with higher average order values, too.

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Pinterest has given us the ability to reach and acquire customers in different and organic ways that wouldn’t have been possible on our other channels.

Jake Kassan Jake Kassan CEO of MVMT Watches

Using Promoted Pins

MVMT Watches started using Pinterest as a way to connect with women. When they saw higher-than-expected engagement, they ramped up their strategy.

The watch company adds Pins of products as well as lifestyle photography, though high quality, close-up shots of watches perform the best.

“A lot of people that come for Pinterest are in discovery mode, looking for products to purchase for themselves or others,” said Jake Kassan, CEO. “Pinterest is different from other channels but when done correctly, it can have huge results.”

MVMT Watches promoted their Pins and saw higher average order values and conversion rates from visitors referred to their site from Pinterest. In fact, Pinners convert at a rate 2X higher than users from other channels.

“At first, we were surprised to see so many men’s watches being sold because we knew Pinterest had a much larger female demographic,” he said. “Once we looked a bit further, we came to realize the women were actually buying the men’s watches as gifts.”

Since Promoted Pins can be saved like everything else on Pinterest, MVMT sees that many people save them to their own boards, creating a permanent home for MVMT ads long after a campaign is over.

On some of their most successful campaigns, MVMT’s seen as much as 10-20% in additional sales after a Promoted Pin has been paused—all just from this saving and sharing effect.

“A Promoted Pin, unlike most other ad formats, continues to drive sales even after the initial promotional campaign has ended,” Kassan said. “This extended lifespan is really unique on Pinterest. On other platforms, once a campaign ends, your ads disappear until you restart them again.”

MVMT now uses Pinterest to showcase product releases, sales and anything exciting going on with the brand. They were also one of the first businesses to adopt Buyable Pins, which let people buy products directly from the Pinterest app.

“Pinterest has given us the ability to reach and acquire customers in ways that aren’t possible on other platforms,” Kassan said. “Based on the results we’ve seen, Pinterest has become one of our most important channels.”