Moorea Seal

Pinning her dreams

In 2009, Moorea Seal was an illustration grad, facing a bleak, post-economic collapse career landscape. To make things work, she juggled blogging, graphic design, jewelry making, music and nannying all at the same time.

After joining Pinterest, Moorea amassed a huge following because of her thoughtful, eclectic boards. Her Pinterest notoriety led to collaborations with brands like Gap, Madewell and P&G. Outlets like The Huffington Post wrote features about her rising star.

“Pinterest gave me a huge boost, basically the boost that anyone with big dreams has ever hoped for,” she said.

Woman, store

A few years later, Seal and her business partner starting talking about opening an online store selling handmade products by U.S. designers with portions of the proceeds donated to charity., powered by Shopify, opened in July 2013.

“It wasn’t until Pinterest that I truly found my creative voice, my specific perspective, and my clearly defined style,” she said. “When I started to make specific boards—from clothing I love to design, holiday decor, even beautiful eyebrows—when I saw all of my Pins in a big group, I saw myself through those images.”

Moorea Seal
Founder, Moorea Seal
“Pinterest is the #1 reason I opened my online shop and storefront.”
Discovering in-store sales

Pinterest is still the biggest traffic driver to and accounts for a large portion of its sales.

In May 2014, Moorea Seal opened a storefront in Seattle and about half of its in-store customers visit from around the world because of Pinterest and other social media sites.

“Pinterest is a huge source of traffic and sales for both our online store and store front,” Seal said. “I wouldn’t have opened our online store in the first place if it were not for Pinterest and the massive following that was  constantly asking where they could purchase all of the beautiful products I was Pinning.”

Keeping Pins fresh

“The most important part of marketing on Pinterest is to add Pins that are natural, personal and lifestyle focused,” Seal said. “The most successful images are beautiful and memorable—not just because of the product but because of thoughtful styling and environments.” Moorea Seal stays on top of promoting new products on Pinterest with regular photo shoots, plus they also collect and promote images from their followers and customers.

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With a growing following, Seal scored a 2-book deal with Sasquatch Books Publishing House. The 52 Lists Project, slated to be released Sept 2015, focuses on self love and list making. This book is based off of a blog series that gained rapid traction on Pinterest, earning some of her highest saves.

Her second book, focused on investing in your home and in yourself, is in the works and will be released in 2016. “Without Pinterest, I would have never had the opportunity to write a book at the age of 28, let alone 2 books!” Seal said. “It’s been a wild journey, and I wouldn’t be here without Pinterest.”