Michaels attracted Christmas crafters and boosted in-store sales with an immersive virtual experience.

Michaels shoppers like to get their hands dirty. In over 1,200 stores across the US and Canada, you’ll find people poring over the creative materials they’ll need to make their ideal DIY project.

Last Christmas ‘twas the season for new ideas for the Michaels team, too. With so much growth, they looked for innovative ways to plant holiday inspiration for their audience—in the form of DIY trees, ornaments and home decor. Pinterest Trends helped get them there.


lift in foot traffic1

90 sec

average time spent in the 360° experience2

Pin showing a wood-crafted Christmas tree with hands hanging ornaments, the Pinterest trend badge, the CTA Craft your own, and text overlays that say Start a new Christmas tradition and Create DIY ornaments you’ll treasure for years.

A blend of trends
Michaels used popular Pinterest searches to learn what people wanted—they knew that terms like “holiday interests” and “pencil trees” were trending on Pinterest. So, they decided to run ads featuring their special holiday decor collection.

They also added the Pinterest Trend Badge to Pins. The Badge lets people know that the Pin shows a top idea people are searching for on Pinterest. From there, it was just a matter of getting those people into stores. Michaels had the perfect plan.

In addition to standard Pins featuring the Trend Badge, Michaels created video ads with catchy taglines like “The Holidays are all around.” Clicking into the ad invited people into three virtual 360° rooms showcasing different holiday decor collections. Michaels’ suggestions for making home a festive and comfortable place included DIY and shoppable products, all available with a left or right swipe.

The team saw extra success thanks to starting their campaign the day after Halloween. This helped them greet a surge of typically “first-to-the-party” Pinterest shoppers. With the holiday season in full bloom, they had something innovative and inspiring for all crafters at every level of ability—from eager novices to seasoned pros.

Results and next steps
Michaels drummed up so much excitement that their virtual showroom became an in-person sales boom. They also saw a whopping 8% lift in in-store traffic.

What’s next for Michaels and their holiday shopping campaigns? They’re designing an experience that allows Pinners to explore gifting ideas made by Michaels’ crafters. They’ll also continue using Pinterest as a platform to showcase future digital innovations, transformation and of course, inspiration.

Tips for you
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.

Align your creative to current Pinterest Trends to help send more traffic to your site.

People on Pinterest are planners. They start shopping early, and Pinterest is where they go for ideas. Start your campaign well ahead of the holiday season (as early as September!) to be there when they’re searching.


Placed, 2020


Michaels US data, 2020