Increasing traffic and sales for grooming products

A sophisticated targeting strategy combined with Promoted Pins to boost awareness and grow online sales around Manscaped’s grooming tools and products for men.

increase in online sales
increase in customer acquisitions
Their goal

Currying favor among men 18-45

The leader in men’s below-the-belt grooming and hygiene, Manscaped’s mission is to empower men to be the best version of themselves by providing precision-engineered tools like safety razors and products including cleansers, cologne, apparel and even breath mints. Manscaped also donates a portion of their sales to The Navy SEAL Foundation program.

The Manscaped team partnered with Pinterest because they wanted to increase sales. Together, they created a strategy to first increase brand awareness among a wide target audience of men aged 18-45. Once they successfully boosted name recognition, the next steps would be to drive website traffic and sales, get to know their potential customers better, and achieve a return on ad spend of at least 2x.

Ryan Fiore, VP of Marketing
“Pinterest has a stigma for being heavily skewed towards women. We wanted to test that stigma by exclusively targeting men. Not only did Pinterest reach our male-only audience, but our campaigns beat our benchmark performance metrics.”
Their solution

Targeting the gents

The Pinterest team defined the overall strategy for Manscaped, recommending a comprehensive approach that would help them hit their performance goals.

The cheeky Promoted Pin campaign featured up-close product shots of Manscaped’s line of cleansers, the grooming tools—including The Lawn Mower precision trimmer and The Plow safety razor—as well as starter kits that include a selection of both tools and products.

To reach the right audience, they used a few targeting tactics. They uploaded a customer list to ensure they connected with men who had previously purchased Manscaped products. They also created actalike audiences to find people with characteristics similar to past and current customers.

Finally, they used interest targeting and keyword targeting, finding that phrases like personal care, men’s grooming and men’s hygiene were the top performing keywords.

As the campaign progressed, Manscaped used Pinterest Analytics to understand which targeting options and Pins were getting the best response, so they could make refinements on the fly to optimize performance.

Their results

The low down: 11% more sales

The combination of Promoted Pins and powerful targeting proved to be very effective, allowing Manscaped to speak directly to their audience. Their Pinterest campaign beat their previous benchmarks, delivering a 13% increase in web traffic, a 9% increase in customer acquisitions, and an 11% increase in online sales.

Ryan Fiore, VP of Marketing
“The granular targeting capabilities within Pinterest Ads proved to be very effective at reaching the Manscaped audience.”
Advertiser Tips
  • Test a wide variety of targeting capabilities, interests, and audience types to figure out what works best.
  • Create a mix of visually compelling and simple product shots with branding in your Pins—read for more tips here.
  • Use text overlay in your Pins—learn more about why and how here.
  • Collaborate with the team at Pinterest to help optimize and scale your business on the platform.