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Promoted Videos boost awareness for beverage brand during key summer season

Malibu Rum successfully targeted and engaged a whopping 2 million people with summer parties and drinks on the brain.

2 million
people reached
Their goal

Boosting awareness and consideration

Malibu Rum is a Caribbean rum, with nearly 4 million cases sold worldwide every year. Infused with natural coconut and high-quality pure cane sugar at the Barbados distillery, the rum comes in a distinctive white bottle illustrated with palm trees and a sunset.

Malibu sought Pinterest’s help to boost awareness and consideration among people looking for summer cocktail entertaining and party ideas. It’s not hard to see why they turned to Pinterest.

Leading up to the Fourth of July, people on the platform were using Pinterest to plan their food, drink and entertainment ideas across more than 13 million boards.1 And Pinners were so inspired by what they saw, they said they planned to spend 10% more in summer 2018 than people who don’t use Pinterest.2

Emily Bell
Group Media Director, 360i
“Pinterest offers unique targeting opportunities to reach and engage audiences who are actively planning for consumption moments. Their new video format allowed us to drive higher engagement and more impact for the Malibu brand.”
Their solution

Max. width video ads for maximum engagement

Summer is the critical time for Malibu to reach their customers. By tapping into Pinterest data on party idea trends and cocktails, Malibu Rum learned which consumers look to Pinterest the most for fun and easy cocktail ideas to enjoy in the summer. Malibu also used Pinterest data to identify the most popular and seasonal cocktails. For example, Malibu was able to use Pinterest data to see that big batch cocktails were 60% more popular YoY.

Armed with those insights, Malibu then worked with their advertising agency, 360i, to create a series of short videos showcasing how to mix Malibu Rum into summer drinks such as the Mojito and the Bay Breeze. The team used Promoted Video at max. width to deliver the videos to the right consumers, using the larger format for greater engagement.

Their results

2 million people reached

Data-fueled insights can shape content that reaches and engages consumers at incredible rates. That’s what Malibu Rum discovered, as consumers interested in cocktails and summer parties embraced their short videos. Pinterest was one of the top two performers for evergreen content for Malibu’s summer 2018 campaign.

Pinterest’s new Promoted Video at max. width format also reached an impressive 2 million people interested in drinks and summer season parties. 

The positive numbers demonstrate that data-rich platforms like Pinterest can help brands such as Malibu create timely, targeted campaigns that employ the most effective content. Thanks to our newest video format, Pinterest successfully boosted awareness and consideration for Malibu Rum during the spirit’s critical summer season.

Advertiser Tips
  • Create timely, fun, snackable content such as short-form videos
  • Leverage Pinterest data to choose the most relevant drinks and target the right people
  • Use max. width videos for much higher rates of engagement and click-throughs

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