LitJoy Crate

Promoted Pins bring traffic and more subscriptions for less

Promoted Pins from LitJoy Crate drove so much traffic to the book subscription website that they sold out that month’s box early, added an online store and blew their cost per acquisition goal out of the water.

lower CPA on Pinterest than the average across all other marketing channels
Their goal

Connecting with passionate readers

Read more and more often! That’s what the founders of LitJoy Crate hope their monthly book box makes possible for subscribers. The boxes come in two varieties: young adult and middle-grade. They include one or two carefully chosen books and a selection of companion products inspired by the stories, which can include home accessories, cards, stickers, toys, tea, snacks, bookmarks and other bits of fun.

Lots of thought goes into each box, as every product inside has to meet three important criteria: It must bring joy, inspire people to read, and be worthy of sharing. Passionate about literature and literacy, the LitJoy team also gives back to their community through book donations and service projects with local charities.

In 2017, LitJoy Crate was looking to grow their subscriber base. They wanted to get information about their offering in front of the right audience—women aged 20-35 who are passionate readers and identify with the fandoms of series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games. Once connected, LitJoy Crate aimed to drive quality traffic to their website and encourage people to sign up for subscriptions, hopefully for a cost per acquisition (CPA) of under $10.

Alix Adams
Founder, LitJoy Crate
“We’re so happy with the results of our campaign, including our decision to sell individual products in our online store along with our monthly subscription boxes. We plan to continue using Pinterest because it really works for us. Our Pinterest ads feel organic and natural, and they help us reach a lot of passionate readers in a discovery mindset.”
Their solution

LitJoy Crate’s Promoted Pins featured stacks of books, an open crate with its contents artfully arranged, and collages of the closed boxes with a featured book and related goodies. Messaging encouraged people to “Meet your new favorite book!” “Receive the Joy of reading every month!” and “Enjoy a new book every month with LitJoy Crate.” Several Pins also touted a nomination for the “best book box subscription.”

To reach their audience, LitJoy Crate targeted all devices and several keywords including “read more books,” “best subscription boxes,” “book stuff,” “best books,” “book ideas” and others.

Their results

70% lower CPA on Pinterest

LitJoy Crate didn’t just achieve their campaign goal of a CPA below $10. They blew right past it. They average anywhere from $3 to $5 per new customer, sometimes even going below $2. Their Pinterest CPA is 70% lower than their average across all marketing channels.

Shortly after launching the campaign, the traffic from Pinterest resulted in so many subscriptions that LitJoy Crate sold out of their monthly box weeks before they usually do. Pinterest has so far outperformed the other digital platforms where LitJoy Crate advertised that they ended up taking budget from those campaigns so they could invest more in Pinterest.

Because of their increased website traffic and growing interest in the extra treats that come in each subscription box, LitJoy Crate expanded their business. They  introduced a new revenue channel by opening an online shop that sells literary-themed individual products—apparel, jewelry, mugs and more—as well as books.


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