Promoted Videos result in a 4x return on ad spend

The curtain rod bracket company wanted to grow their business by reaching new markets, and found that Promoted Video led to a nearly 4x return on ad spend.

return on ad spend
increase in traffic
Their goal

Opening up to new markets

Hanging curtains shouldn’t be hard. That’s why Tom Burr created Kwik-Hang in 2013, inventing a simple curtain rod bracket that pushes into window molding just like a thumbtack. It gets the job done faster. It doesn’t require multiple people, expensive tools or a bunch of complicated parts.

Tom has since passed the business on to his son Derrek, who continues to expand the business with new styles of elegant and easy-to-use hardware, on top of their classic brackets.

Wanting to grow the business, Kwik-Hang and their agency, Human Marketing, set out to find new audiences. Kwik-Hang products are tailor-made for shoppers looking for “life hacks,” or simple, clever ways to accomplish some task more easily and efficiently. And Pinterest is where a lot of these people find ideas and inspiration, with 78% of home Pinners making a purchase based on seeing home content from brands.1

Kwik-Hang wanted to connect with people looking for ways to gain privacy, add insulation and make their windows look nice for a minimum investment in time and cost. One of their campaign goals was generating a 3x or higher return on their ad spend.

Mike Rizzo, Account Strategist
Human Marketing
“Campaign performance from the video is just crushing it. We knew our target audience was on Pinterest, and that how-to videos would quickly demonstrate why our products are such an improvement over traditional curtain rod brackets. We’ve been thrilled with the performance, from both a traffic and sales standpoint.”
Their solution

Framing the right audience

Kwik-Hang already knew important info about their target audience that helped them focus their campaign and budget. First, 76% of their audience shops on mobile,2 so advertising on a mobile-optimized platform was key. Second, their customer demographic is primarily female, which is another reason they looked to Pinterest—as Pinterest reaches 60% of US women.3

Kwik-Hang’s hardware devices only work on windows with wood frames. So, they worked with Human Marketing to target their ads to regions where residential buildings are more likely to have wooden window frames, and people would be able to use Kwik-Hang’s products.

To start, Kwik-Hang launched a month-long test campaign to see what creative would resonate with their target audience. They learned that Promoted Pins combined with photos of great-looking curtains and “how-to” messaging performed best as well as Promoted Video Pins that featured a how-to video.

Initially, they targeted keywords and interests. After the campaign had been running for a little while, they leveraged insights about people who responded. They built actalike audiences to refine their targeting and increase opportunities to follow up with people who had expressed an interest.

Their results

Videos return nearly 4x ad spend

Kwik-Hang’s campaign is beating their goal of a 3x return on ad spend, with the Promoted Video Pins getting nearly a 4x return.4 Compared to other platforms in their campaign, Pinterest is one of the top performers.

Advertiser tips
  • Collaborate closely with your agency partner to develop best practices around proper keywords and searches to continue optimizing your targeting.
  • Don't be afraid to run test campaigns. Gather the learnings from campaigns that performed, or didn't, and apply to your next campaigns. Test, test, test!


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