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Kraft Foods provides millions of families around the world with the staples they need to make delicious meals. The brand adds thousands of recipes to Pinterest, the greatest source of referral traffic back to

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Pinterest has become a powerful tool for us to garner real-time insights, mine data and influence content creation, curation and amplification.

Jennifer Feeley Jennifer Feeley Associate Director of Digital Strategy and Channel Activation

Shaping strategy with Pinterest

Kraft wants to make it easy for people to discover and share everyday, achievable meals. They joined Pinterest in January 2012 because the service reached Kraft’s desired audience and had significant scale. It also helped that recipes were already one of the most popular interests on Pinterest.

Now, Pinterest has transformed the way Kraft thinks about its content marketing.

“Pinterest has become a powerful tool for us to garner real-time insights, mine data and influence content creation, curation and amplification,” said Jennifer Feeley, associate director of digital strategy and channel activation.

Finding what works

Kraft learned that well-lit, appetizing food visuals with some color contrast are the most often saved. Recipes tied to seasonal and social events also perform well. saw a significant traffic lift after testing and optimizing their Pins.

“We are obsessive about content performance,” said Dana Shank, associate director of CRM content strategy and media monetization. “Pinterest helps us find the sparks of content resonating in real time. We can then fan these flames immediately with further content distribution throughout our own channels.”

Each week, the Kraft team reviews save and clickthrough rates from Pinterest and data from other social channels to learn what people like. They also look to see what other food Pins are popular, which helps them identify food trends, like treats in a jar, push pops or baby reveal cakes. Once they spot what’s working, they immediately optimize content throughout their marketing. For example, this delectable pumpkin dessert had an orchestrated distribution strategy and was Kraft’s most successful Thanksgiving Pin.

The team shares insights from the data with individual brand teams, as this can help brands choose images and recipes to feature in marketing campaigns, social channels and brand packaging.

“Pinterest has been an amazing addition to our ever-changing digital ecosystem,” Feeley added. “We are continually adjusting our sails with each new Pinterest release to ensure our content is continuously percolating to the top of recipe and food searches.”

Suggestions from Kraft Foods

Add the Save button to your site

Use well-lit, high resolution food photography to attract recipe saves

Create Pins around seasonal events and holidays to attract people looking for specific content

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