Jonas Paul Eyewear

Attracting high-quality traffic for less with Promoted Pins

The children’s eyewear brand reaches moms and dads with Promoted Pins of their best catalog shots, finding that traffic from Pinterest costs 32% less per click and those referrals have a 65% higher average order value.

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higher average order value
lower cost per click

Their goal

Finding parents shopping for kids’ glasses

Jonas Paul Eyewear wants kids to feel beautiful and confident in their glasses. With every purchase, they also donate to help prevent blindness in the developing world.

Ben and Laura Harrison founded the company in 2013. Their son, Jonas Paul, was born with Peter’s Anomaly, a rare eye disorder that causes blurred and cloudy vision. As Jonas underwent multiple surgeries to clear his corneas and gain a degree of sight, Ben and Laura started shopping for the glasses that would help him see for the first time. But the high cost and limited options available for kids quickly frustrated them. Most styles were cartoon-based or designed for athletics. A complete pair, with frames and lenses, cost anywhere from $200 to $600.

Recognizing an opportunity to do better for kids, Ben and Laura decided to jump in with both feet and solve the problem themselves. When they started advertising on Pinterest, they aimed to reach other moms and dad like them to build brand awareness, bring high-quality traffic to the Jonas Paul website and increase orders for their home try-on kits.

Laura Harrison, Co-founder & COO
Jonas Paul Eyewear
“The bigger the business grows, the bigger the impact, which circles back to why all of this originally started. It's really exciting for us to think that this little idea we had several years ago continues to grow bigger every year.”

Their solution

Promoting top-performing Pins

Pinterest reaches 8 in 10 US moms and 34% of US dads.Among weekly users, 83% say they have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest.2 So it’s no wonder that Pinterest is such a great place for Jonas Paul to connect with their target audience.

If you want to see cute kids wearing fashion-forward glasses, look no further than the Jonas Paul online catalog. As the company set up their Pinterest profile and started saving Pins they recognized that their website was a ready-made source for Pins.

Now, when they have their in-house photo shoots to document new frames, part of the process is turning the best shots into Pins. From there, the team monitors which Pins become most popular on their own, just by people finding them organically. Jonas Paul then uses these top-performers as Promoted Pins, applying Pinterest creative best practices to tell a bigger story, adding branding, text overlays and context to the already striking imagery.

Their results

Higher-quality traffic for less

Jonas Paul has found that the referral traffic they get from Pinterest is higher quality than traffic from other platforms. People coming from Pinterest spend more time on the Jonas Paul site, visit more pages and spend more—they have a 65% higher average order value compared to shoppers from other platforms.3

Additionally, the cost per click from Pinterest is 32% lower than from other platforms. Marketing on Pinterest is not only more effective for Jonas Paul, but it costs less too.


Advertiser tips

  • Take care to make high-quality Pins. Something could disappear within days or even seconds on other platforms, but Pins can be evergreen.

  • You don’t have to start from scratch with your Pins. Just use photos you already have and see what people like, then apply best practices to your best creative when you’re ready to run ads.


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