Their goal

Hunter makes stylish, high-quality rain boots, clothing and accessories. It’s a storied British brand with 160 years of heritage—but its marketing is anything but traditional. Hunter pursues innovative ways to tell its story so it can reach new audiences.

In 2016, Hunter launched its Core Concept collection to celebrate the fun side of rain. The colorful collection shows how rain can be an opportunity for play. Hunter wanted to execute a creative, cutting-edge launch to drive awareness and consideration, especially among women aged 18-40 interested in beauty and fashion.

30 %
increase in branded searches on Pinterest
10 %
earned media
Alasdhair Willis
Creative Director, Hunter
“Pinterest is a key referral platform for It’s where we see a highly engaged user who’s actively searching for inspiration to purchase from Hunter.”

Their solution

Promoted Video was a great fit for Hunter, from both an audience and creative perspective. Pinterest is popular with women aged 18-40, and this group uses Pinterest to discover new brands. Plus, Promoted Video offers options that Hunter couldn’t find elsewhere. The combination of an interactive preview, feature video and static Pins in a single ad unit meant Hunter could simultaneously tell an emotional story and drive tactical action.

Hunter created two Core Concept video campaigns: a 32-second spot that showcased the entire collection, and a 10-second spot focused on a specific yellow coat. Both videos dialed up the drama with an in-feed interactive preview that hooked Pinners into the story so they’d want to watch the full video. Hunter used the featured Pin carousel below each video to highlight specific products. For example, the 10-second video included a Pin with the same yellow coat featured in the video.

Since the Pins linked to Hunter’s online store, inspired Pinners could instantly shop the collection. Plus, those Pins can live on once the original campaign ends. “Core is a seasonless collection, which made Pinterest an incredibly strategic platform for us,” said Alasdhair Willis, Creative Director at Hunter. “Always discoverable, always available to buy."

Hunter’s Promoted Video ads were part of a global launch that spanned online and offline channels. Other initiatives included out of home media in regions with brick and mortar Hunter stores, transit takeovers in cities like London and Tokyo, pop-up stores, print ads and collaborations with bloggers.  


Hunter’s Promoted Videos drew an engaged audience, grew important brand metrics and drove significant traffic to the Hunter digital store. The team saw a 30% increase in branded searches on Pinterest while the campaign was live. Plus, many Pinners saved the videos to their personal boards, expanding the launch’s reach to their followers–and leading to a 10% earned media rate for Hunter.

It was clear that Pinners connected with the videos: on average, they viewed 47% of each video. Off Pinterest, referral traffic increased significantly. Since Core Concept is sold all year, Hunter will continue to see traffic and sales from its Promoted Videos as more Pinners discover the ads and tap to learn more.

This first foray into Promoted Video taught Hunter some important insights for next time. For example, the 10-second spot performed better than the 32-second spot, with 3x higher completion. The yellow coat static Pin beneath the shorter video also performed especially well, with a 60% higher clickthrough rate than other Pins in the campaign. These results show the value of a direct link between a video’s content, and its static Pins. Hunter will use these insights to optimize future Promoted Video campaigns for both on-platform engagement and site referrals.