Promoted Pins bring in high-value customers for a lower cost

Online contact lens provider caught the eye of a new audience with a Promoted Pin campaign, attracting customers with a 15% higher lifetime value for a 10% lower cost per acquisition.

higher lifetime value from Pinterest over other channels
lower rate than their average cost per acquisition
Their goal

Bringing a new audience into focus

Contact lenses are too expensive. That’s how Hubble sees it. The company’s founders are on a mission to make daily contacts simple to order and more affordable, so people don’t have to go without or risk eye damage from wearing them too long. A pair of Hubble contact lenses cost only about a dollar a day—roughly half the typical price. And they make it easy, too. Customers sign up for Hubble’s subscription service, and the lenses show up at their doorstep at regular intervals.

In 2017, Hubble was ready to grow. They wanted to reach a wider audience and convince more people to subscribe, growing their sales in the US, Canada and the UK. They had tried Facebook campaigns, but felt like people weren’t necessarily on Facebook to purchase products. So, Hubble decided to try a Pinterest campaign. They knew their target audience was using the platform to discover new ideas. Plus, they appreciated that Pinterest encourages beautiful, high quality creative and design.  

Their solution

Refining creative based on real-world performance

Right out of the gate, Hubble worked with the Pinterest team and received personalized support, custom Pin creation and expert training to get them off to a strong start.

Pinterest recommended that Hubble begin with a test-and-iterate mindset, trying out different images and messaging to see what delivered the best results. To kick things off, the Pinterest team mocked up example Pins based on best practices. Hubble launched the campaign, then optimized their creative based on the response.

In the end, Hubble opted to use Promoted Pins driving traffic to their website, where people could get their first box of contact lenses for free and sign up for a subscription. The Pins all featured prominent images of contacts, with copy about Hubble’s great pricing and subscription plan.

To ensure they reached their target audience, Hubble used a combination of targeting tactics, including actalikes, engagement retargeting, interests, keyword search and website retargeting.

Dan Rosen, Creative Director
“Seeing examples of Pins and creative that saw success was key. The Pinterest team sent over Pins that worked well and this allowed us to adjust our creative and messaging from what we’d been running on other channels.”
Their results

Paying less for higher-value customers

Working with Pinterest and refining their Pins as the campaign progressed, Hubble achieved some impressive results. They reduced their costs for new prospects to a rate 10% lower than their average cost per acquisition (CPA).

Hubble has also found that Pinterest delivers higher-value customers. Recent analysis shows that Pinners who sign up for Hubble have a 15% higher lifetime value than subscribers from other marketing channels.