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Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes is a place for brides and wedding professionals to find inspiration as they plan their special days. Owners Jen and Jason Campbell use Pinterest to share original, creative ideas for weddings and honeymoons. Since getting on Pinterest and using its features, they’ve seen huge growth in referral traffic, followers and shares.

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Other properties allow us to see which posts are popular and getting shared, but only Pinterest allows us to see exactly which images are inspiring our audience and causing them to share our content.

Jason Campbell Jason Campbell Co-owner, Green Wedding Shoes
A Pinner-friendly website

Green Wedding Shoes was created to inspire brides and wedding professionals to create personal, unique events and to showcase the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, so once owners Jen and Jason discovered Pinterest, they knew it was a perfect fit.

“We’re always looking for ways to add value to and simplify the lives of our readers—Pinterest’s core features definitely help us move toward those goals,” Jason said. 

They’ve focused on making it easy for readers to save Pins directly from the Green Wedding Shoes website.

First, they added the Save button to their site and saw Pins, followers and referral traffic grow exponentially. They also got hovering Save buttons so now whenever you mouse over an image on, a Save button appears to subtly remind visitors to save their favorite things to Pinterest.

“Once we integrated Pinterest tools, we saw a considerable uptick in Pins from Green Wedding Shoes being shared. Our readers sharing our content made them each promoters of Green Wedding Shoes on Pinterest and freed up our time to share more Pins from around the web and browse our followers’ boards to see what interests them most,” Jason said. 

Green Wedding Shoes also took time to think about what type of Pin works well for them. Their rule is that Pins should be on brand, with a clear subject that looks good across all devices.  

“We love to surprise our followers with fun finds, but we’re always sure to consider how the Pin will fit into the interests and expectations of our audience,” said Jen. “Pins with too much going on increase the work required of our followers to extract meaning and lead to a less than desirable user experience.”

They make sure anything that’s Pinnable is high quality and clear, opting for standalone images versus collages. They also pay close attention to Pinterest’s brand guidelines when they run contests and promotions. 

What readers want

Looking at what people add to Pinterest gives Green Wedding Shoes immediate feedback on which content, trends and features resonate with their audience. 

“Other properties allow us to see which posts are popular and getting shared, but only Pinterest allows us to see exactly which images are inspiring our audience and causing them to share our content,” said Jason. 

Images from a post about a DIY pie in a jar have been pinned over 193,000 times. “It’s been successful on Pinterest because the idea is unique, the tutorial is useful and, the photos feature bright colors and tasty food….a perfect Pinterest storm if you will!” Jen said.

They were surprised at how many wedding professionals used Pinterest and Green Wedding Shoes together as a wedding planning tool with their brides. Wedding planners and florists often create group boards to collect, share and find inspiration from Green Wedding Shoes as they plan their event. 

“We’ve heard from quite a few brides-to-be that Pinterest and Green Wedding Shoes quickly became an integral part of their planning process,” said Jason. 

Suggestions from Green Wedding Shoes

Add the Save button to your website to grow Pins and referral traffic 

Use hovering Save buttons so that people subtly remember to save Pins on your site's images

Use high-quality, focused images rather than busy collages

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