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Save buttons and rich Pins grow referral traffic for Glamour

Glamour’s Pinterest referrals grew more than 6x in 2016, making Pinterest their second source for social traffic.

7 %
of global referrals come from Pinterest
6 x
increase in referral traffic from Pinterest in 2016

Using new tools to increase visibility and traffic

Published by Condé Nast France, Glamour is a women’s magazine and website covering what matters now in fashion, makeup and pop culture. Since Glamour mainly monetizes their website with ads to the French market, they focus on growing their local audience and spreading content to the right people.

Glamour knew that Pinterest had doubled its French audience in the past year, and that French Pinners save more than 2 million Pins every day. Glamour saw an opportunity to use Pinterest tools to step up their traffic game. They were already active on the platform, but decided to run a campaign specifically geared toward visibility and referrals.

The team’s main goals were to boost online traffic to Glamour's site, and to find inspiration for future content. They were also interested in driving new sources of traffic to their digital edition, diversifying away from depending on Google and Facebook as their main sources for traffic.   

Hadrien Millet
Audience Expertises Director, Glamour Paris/Condenast
“Growing our traffic is a priority, and Pinterest was one of the most appropriate and efficient platforms to fulfill that goal.”

Tailoring content to influence growth

Glamour’s editorial team and Pinterest collaborated to grow referral traffic to their website. Combining their own content with Pinterest tools like the Save button and Rich Pins, Glamour was able to extend their content on Pinterest. Rich Pins helped Glamour provide more context about an idea, because more information displays directly on the Pin. The Save button made it easier for Glamour’s readers to save Pins directly to their own boards, right from Glamour’s site. That makes ideas spread further: the more people save a Pin, the better for business.

One way Glamour maximized virality was by populating their boards with relevant and engaging content that was likely to be saved. Glamour editors worked directly with Pinterest’s Paris team to get recommendations on popular topics and local trends. Occasionally, they even used Pinterest as inspiration for editorial content, basing articles off of emerging Pinterest trends.

Glamour encouraged editors to save curated content every day with a focus on evergreen topics from They only saved breaking news or celebrity updates if there was a clear fashion angle. Beautiful images accompanying relevant content topics like fashion, beauty, cooking and DIY proved to consistently generate traffic over time.

To grow traffic, sometimes less is more

Glamour sees Pinterest more like a search platform rather than a conventional social network, so they take a more curated approach to using it. They work hard to make their content keyword friendly and primarily save evergreen content from their website, as opposed to breaking news or celebrity gossip. By tailoring their content to Pinterest, Glamour saw a 6x increase in referral traffic in 2016, making Pinterest the second largest source for social traffic.

After Glamour used key Pinterest tools and tactics, the platform now represents up to 7% of the global referral traffic for Glamour. Glamour says this proves that investing in Pinterest has been worthwhile, and has long-term benefits.

Hadrien Millet
Audience Expertises Director, Glamour Paris/Condenast
“It's great to see that Pinterest is where our audience goes for inspirational content about fashion, beauty and home decor.”