Food Network Brazil

Working up an appetite with Recipe Pins

The TV channel and website promoted recipes with Rich Pins, encouraging foodies to save and share, growing its Pinterest profile by 5.8x in a year and website impressions by 5x in 6 months.

5 x
profile growth in one year
2 x
increase in referral traffic
Their goal

Engaging a bigger audience

Food Network Brazil is a pay TV channel dedicated to people who love food: choosing it, cooking it and (of course) eating it. The channel’s mission is to bring viewers high-quality, food-focused lifestyle content across all platforms, inviting them to explore the foods and cultures of Brazil as well as other countries around the world. To that end, Food Network Brazil features a diverse buffet of programming on all things gastronomy, featuring Brazilian chefs like Pedro Benoliel and Emmanuel Bassoleil as well as globally renowned chefs such as Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray.

Food Network Brazil operates in a mature market—their target audience is already highly engaged with a wide variety of available food content, and is always on the lookout for new trends, new ingredients, new recipes, new restaurants, new chefs…the list goes on.

Within this crowded space, the channel wanted to stake a claim for itself by connecting with foodies and delivering irresistible content to build brand awareness and increase traffic to their website.

Food Network Brazil knew that Pinterest was the perfect place for this kind of campaign. Food is already the largest category on Pinterest and continues to grow in popularity. Pinterest is also increasingly popular in Brazil, with 5.1 million ideas saved in the country each day1, and 19 million unique visitors each month.2

Their solution

Encouraging 2-way traffic

Food Network Brazil decided to encourage traffic both ways: from their website to Pinterest, and from Pinterest to their website. To encourage their website visitors to save content to Pinterest, Food Network Brazil added the Save Button to its web pages.

To promote their content on Pinterest, the team set up Pinterest boards and used Rich Pins, which contain additional detail. Recipe Pins, a type of Rich Pin, can display ingredients, cooking time and serving sizes. When people click once, they see this additional detail. When they click twice, they go to the Food Network Brazil website. Food Network Brazil also referred to best practices for creating Pins to ensure theirs would look great and work well.

Once the campaign launched, Pinterest Analytics helped Food Network Brazil further refine their strategy. The team could see which recipes were most popular, and what the data showed about people’s appetite for food-related content. As Pinterest Analytics also includes data about website traffic, Food Network Brazil could also see which website content people Pinned the most. This insight allowed the team to give its audience more of what they wanted including identifying trends for content both on the website and beyond.

Daniela Branco
Marketing Director, Food Network Brazil
“The visibility of the Food Network brand on Pinterest has grown exponentially. After only 6 months focusing on content strategy, Pinterest is now the number-one source of social traffic to our website.”
Their results

5.8x profile growth in one year

The proof is in the pudding: Food Network Brazil’s efforts paid off. They saw their Pinterest profile grow 5.8x year-over-year from 2016 to 2017. They also noticed that people who saved their recipes regularly saved more than one Pin per day.

The awareness campaign has been a similar success on their website, with organic referral traffic from Pinterest growing 2.7x in 2017 over 2016. Just six months after kicking off their new Pin content strategy, the Food Network Brazil website measured a 5x increase in impressions compared to the same period the previous year.

The most reliably top-performing Pins were quick and easy recipes with appealing photography. Sweets, drinks and seafood Pins were also popular, as were seasonal Pins tied to a specific theme or occasion. For example, recipes related celebrating Festa Junina (June’s Festivities) generated a lot of activity.


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2comScore, Nov 2017

Daniela Branco
Marketing Director, Food Network Brazil
“We have online access to Pinterest Analytics, a complete dashboard, which also helped us justify to the board to include the Pinterest platform in our future marketing plans.”