FlyAway BlueJay

Acquiring new customers with Buyable Pins

FlyAway BlueJay sells carefully curated handmade pieces from small artisans located all over the world through their online shop. They use Pinterest to encourage people to find the perfect new trinket for themselves or a loved one. With Pinterest’s mobile-first Buyable Pins, FlyAway BlueJay was able to reach potential customers that were already shopping for gifts on Pinterest, but were unfamiliar with their brand. 

“We were pleasantly surprised with the new customer leads generated through mobile commerce Buyable Pins,” said Holly Feld, FlyAway BlueJay’s owner and founder. “It outperformed our expectations and made Pinterest our largest social source for both traffic and sales.” 

Personal beauty products and jewelry are typically FlyAway BlueJay’s biggest sellers, but Buyable Pins helped expand sales into almost every other product category they offer. Plus, sales for their traditionally strong sellers increased steadily as well.

"Now, Pinterest is the number one source of social traffic and sales for the shop," said Feld. 

20 %
overall sales driven by Pinterest
28 %
overall website traffic driven by Pinterest

“Pinterest has been the perfect platform for directing mobile traffic to our brand,” Feld said.

Buyable Pins also helped FlyAway BlueJay expand sales to new audiences. In fact, 100% of Buyable Pins sales came from brand new customers. Throughout the holidays, Pinterest drove 20% of their overall sales and 28% of overall website traffic. Overall, FlyAway BlueJay received more orders through Buyable Pins than any other single social traffic source.  

Holly Feld
Owner and Founder, FlyAway BlueJay
“For a small business like us, using a large platform like Pinterest to reach new customers is critical. Buyable Pins makes Pinterest more user friendly for both people shopping for the perfect gift and for businesses trying to reach new clients.”
Suggestions from FlyAway BlueJay
  • Use Buyable Pins to increase mobile sales and reach new customers
  • Create boards that include a mix of Buyable Pins and non-Buyable Pins to drive inspiration and showcase uses of your shoppable products