Growing a diverse membership with search and interest targeting

The club for spirits enthusiasts uses Promoted Pins to connect with craft and premium spirits aficionados, and finds that Pinterest delivers a 60% lower cost per click than any other advertising channel.

increase in leads in one month
increase in traffic

Their goal

Increasing club membership

Flaviar is a club for spirits enthusiasts that aims to make the world of fine spirits more accessible, and help every member build their dream home bar. The club was born out of frustration for how impractical and expensive it is for consumers to try new things through full-size bottles, and how tough it is for smaller brands to affordably reach large audiences.

The club’s founders—a spirits and brands expert, a tech specialist and an e-commerce executive—designed Flaviar to help members navigate the vast landscape of distilled liquor. Members enjoy different benefits, among them tasting boxes with different spirits samples. This allows people to experience different flavors and terroirs, and discover their own preferences.

When the club launched in 2012, Flaviar wanted to get the word out to spirit lovers on a massive scale so they could grow their membership while keeping acquisition costs low.

Jan Vranjek, VP of Growth
“Pinterest has become an important part of our core advertising strategy since we first started our membership campaigns. We track our success with a combination of Pinterest’s conversion tag and our own internal measurement tools, so we know just how much value Pinterest delivers.”

Their solution

Sharing the sipping experience

Flaviar saw the opportunity to connect with their audience on Pinterest, since the platform reaches 43% of US internet users each month.1  What also caught their eye was that Pinterest reaches 8 in 10 US moms, more females than Twitter or Snapchat and 76% of women aged 25-54.2

To spur membership in 2018, Flaviar decided to try out a couple of different ad targeting strategies on Pinterest. Looking to reach people already interested in spirits, they used Audience Insights to find and target a variety of alcohol-related interests.

They also used search targeting for spirit-related keywords to specifically reach out to females—something they hadn’t done in their acquisition campaigns on other platforms.

Their Promoted Pins featured photos of the club’s sample bottles, various cocktails and rare brands paired with information about Flaviar’s “whiskey tasting boxes, private bottlings and more,” plus an invitation to join.

Their results

60% lower cost per click

In the first 10 months of 2018, Flaviar received 13% of their new members from Pinterest—and 65% of them are female, the highest ratio across all of their marketing channels.

The new targeting strategies delivered 5x more traffic and an 8x increase in leads from October 2018 compared to the month before.

The cost per lead also remained steady. Additionally, Flaviar’s cost per click on Pinterest was 60% lower than their costs from other platforms from August to October 2018.

Advertiser Tips

  • Go wide: start with broad targeting. Don’t be afraid to test audiences and interests that might not seem like the perfect fit at first.

  • Once you know more about your audience, identify the best groups so you can appeal to them more personally.

  • Identify keywords that perform best and increase bids on a keyword level.

1-2comScore, US, Jun 2018