Promoting a luxe fitness club

The high-performance fitness club brand lifted referral traffic to their website by nearly 8x, boosted clicks by more than 5x and decreased costs per click by 88% with a targeted campaign.

increase in website traffic
increase in click-through rate

Their goal

Strengthening a member base

Equinox has taken fitness up a notch. Started in Manhattan in 1991, Equinox combines cutting-edge facilities and classes with upscale design and amenities. They now operate over 135 full-service health clubs in every major US city, as well as international locations in the UK and Canada. They also own high-performance lifestyle brands like Pure Yoga, Blink Fitness and SoulCycle.

Looking to grow their membership, Equinox worked with marketing agency Performics on a campaign to efficiently increase visits to the Equinox site. That’s where potential customers can learn about all the benefits of membership, including classes, training sessions, luxe amenities and more.

Joleen Shueh, Senior Manager, Audience Acquisition & Engagement
“Knowing the importance of social amongst our target audience, and the tremendous growth we’ve seen on other platforms, the need to diversify our media channels beyond Facebook and Instagram became apparent. We have found Pinterest to be one of the most efficient traffic drivers out of all our media partners.”

Their solution

Meeting people where they search

Equinox decided to take advantage of Pinterest’s strength as a visual discovery platform with a January campaign when interest in fitness is at its peak and people are ready to make a commitment. Equinox knew that lots of people use Pinterest to find hobbies or new ideas for everyday life, so they’d be on the platform searching for things to try.1

The team used a combination of methods to ensure the right people saw their ads, including keyword, interest and audience targeting. Keyword targeting puts ads in front of people when they’re actively searching, ready to take the next step. Interest and audience targeting helped the team reach people with specific fitness or related interests, and people within certain demographic groups—those living near Equinox locations, for example.

The campaign creative featured images of people working out at Equinox clubs, doing things like lifting free weights, doing yoga, boxing and more. Messaging encouraged viewers to “Commit to yourself” and “Commit to 2018.”

Their results

Shedding unwanted costs

The campaign successfully improved several important measurements for Equinox. After five months, they increased traffic to their website by 8x, boosted the clickthrough rate by 5x, and achieved an 88% lower cost per click than on other digital platforms.2

Advertiser tips

  • Think cross-channel. How can you reach your target audience in multiple ways—not just on Pinterest, but on other platforms too, with the same message?

  • Don’t be afraid to test new approaches, even if what you’re doing now is working well enough. There’s always room for improvement.

  • Stay on top of creative trends. On a platform like Pinterest, where great visuals really stand out, being of-the-moment really counts.


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2Pinterest advertiser data, 2017