Dunkin' Donuts

Pin Collective helped Dunkin’ Donuts stand out

Eye-catching Pins helped Dunkin’ connect with people at the height of prom and graduation season.

Their goal

Celebrating life’s big moments

Dunkin’ Donuts got their start in 1950, after entrepreneur Bill Rosenberg noticed that coffee and donuts were outselling every other item in his food truck business. Today, they’re the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain, serving more than seventy varieties of donuts and a dozen coffee beverages to over three million customers daily.

The brand first started advertising on Pinterest in 2016. In 2017, they decided to launch a special campaign to kick off Dunkin’ Iced Coffee “season.” The campaign featured lighthearted ways people could make Dunkin’ a part of special moments like graduation and prom. Dunkin’s team hoped to join the cultural conversation—and drive engagement for their iced coffee products, too. Since they’d noticed that DIY was a popular theme for these moments, they centered their campaign on fun ways to tie DIY projects with the Dunkin’ brand.

Melanie Cohn
Senior Manager, Digital & Social Media, Dunkin’ Donuts
“The campaign drove above benchmark engagement. We saw it as a great success. Custom content built with the Pin Collective helped us really boost performance beyond what we had seen previously run on the platform.”
Their solution

Standing out with specially-designed Pins

Dunkin’ knew that Pinterest would be a great place to connect with the grad and college set. The platform reaches 39% of 18-24 year-olds in the US, and people save a lot of content around prom and graduation.

To build the perfect set of Pins for the campaign, Dunkin’ Donuts tapped into the Pin Collective, a network of world-class content creators. From there, Creative Director Whitney Ward helped them develop Promoted Pins and Cinematic Pins that would stand out in people’s home feeds and make the most of Pinterest’s visual format.

These eye-catching Pins turned special moments into a special opportunity to engage with the brand. To encourage students to ask someone to the prom, for example, Dunkin’ came up with “Promposal” ideas like sharing a dozen donuts. The ideas were inspired by user generated content already on Pinterest and a DIY mentality. Dunkin’ also treated college and high school grads to DIY ideas for decorating their grad caps with a Dunkin’-themed twist.

Finally, Dunkin’ made sure to reach the right people by targeting interests related to desserts, easy meals and party planning. They also used Pinterest Custom Audiences to each people who’d already engaged with their content, and actalikes who resembled their current audience.

Melanie Cohn
Senior Manager, Digital & Social Media, Dunkin’ Donuts
“We already have a loyal customer base that loves celebrating big life events with Dunkin’ Donuts. Pinterest was a great place to connect with this audience and spark even greater brand engagement.”

Satisfying a craving for creative ideas

The campaign generated excitement around new Dunkin’ Iced Coffee flavors, driving above-benchmark engagement as Dunkin’ Donuts reached a receptive audience on Pinterest.

Dunkin’ learned that Cinematic Pins were a great format for quick DIY tutorials, and that their fans on Pinterest were open to seeing creative ideas from the brand. Following the campaign’s success, Dunkin’ Donuts is repurposing their creative content for other platforms, with plans to run future campaigns on Pinterest.

“We think Pinterest is a great platform to provide our audience with inspiration for how to get creative with Dunkin’,” says Melanie Cohn, Senior Manager, Digital & Social Media, Dunkin’ Donuts. “We will definitely be considering Pinterest for upcoming campaigns where this is a key goal for us."