Beat delivery at their own game

This bake-at-home pizza brand saw a lift in purchase consideration of 2% with a series of creatively designed Pins aimed at increasing awareness.

*point lift in Pin awareness
lift in purchase consideration

The go-to pizza

DIGIORNO has been giving delivery pizza a run for its money since 1995—showing people that fresh baked taste comes straight from your own oven (not a delivery box). In 2019, DiGiorno zeroed in on their better-than-delivery messaging with a series of playful, innovative Pins. You can almost taste that pizza, right?

The campaign’s top performers were Promoted Video Pins that showed people “waiting for delivery” in the top half of the Pin, and a crispy DiGiorno pan pizza in the bottom half. The ad shows them trying to reach through to the bottom half to get at that pizza! The brand used interest and purchase-based targeting—and followed up with retargeting.

7 point lift in Pin awareness

After posting just once and running the Pins for two months, DiGiorno measured an impressive 7% lift in Pin awareness, and a 2% lift in purchase consideration. *This study performed in the top 20% of cpg and overall Pinterest norms.1 In all, the campaign delivered 25 million unique impressions, with a 3x frequency.2

Advertiser tips

  • Retargeting people who engaged with our Pins provided the biggest lift in awareness among all our target groups.
  • Interesting, dynamic Pins provide a lot of mileage. Ours were unique enough that we didn’t need to refresh our creative because people were still responding to our original Pins months after we posted them.

1Kantar Millward Brown Brand Lift Insights study, 2018

2DiGiorno data, 2018