Planting the seed for higher awareness and engagement

The outdoor paint brand encouraged people to improve and enjoy their gardens with a campaign of Promoted Pins and Promoted Video Pins that broke DIY projects into steps, setting new benchmarks for engagement and clickthroughs.

higher video view rate than on other digital platforms
lower cost per impressions

Their goal

Increasing brand awareness and engagement

Think of your garden as an open-air haven that has the potential to improve your life. Cuprinol does. The outdoor paint brand is on a mission to make it easy for people to protect their gardens with high-quality products while transforming them into an extension of their homes—creating an extra “room” that provides relaxation and enjoyment.

Cuprinol was looking to raise awareness of its garden woodcare paints and increase engagement with potential customers in the UK. Through previous campaigns with their sister brand Dulux, they knew Pinterest delivers impactful and high-performing campaigns.

They also recognised that Pinterest was the perfect place to reach their target audience, especially those already looking for garden inspiration. Home decor is a popular category on Pinterest, where people are actively seeking DIY and home-improvement ideas.

Lisa Boyles
Social Media Manager, Cuprinol
“The strong results we are getting proves that Pinterest has a highly relevant and engaged audience. In addition, we receive great service from Pinterest representatives who provide regular, quality audience insights for behaviour, which adds value to our business and to many aspects of our campaigns.”

Their solution

Showing the potential in transforming a garden

Consolidating information from Pinterest Analytics, and the brand’s own search research and internal knowledge about their customers, Cuprinol worked with their agency, MediaCom and Pinterest Marketing Partner, Sprinklr, and identified four main barriers that keep people from starting garden projects.

·       The job feels too big

·       They lack the know-how

·       They lack inspiration

·       British weather is unreliable

Whilst they can’t control the weather, they wanted to challenge the first three through simple, actionable ideas. The Pinterest campaign Cuprinol created along with the Sprinklr team, helped people see the potential in their own outdoor spaces. Their Pins provided inspiration for the kind of projects people were already searching for on Pinterest and elsewhere, and the know-how to get the job done.

To boost awareness, Cuprinol used Promoted Video Pins. After a successful test with sister brand Dulux, they ran a campaign with their three most popular “how-to” videos from other channels, aiming for a maximum number of video views.

To increase engagement, they used Promoted Pins. They tested “inspiration” Pins alongside tall, narrow “giraffe” Pins that broke down projects into simple steps. With the goal of driving website traffic, these Pins encouraged people to click through to the brand’s online inspiration hub for complete details.

Not limiting the campaign to any one channel, they also ran their Pinterest creative as display and video-on-demand ads, as well as on other digital media, synchronising the different phases to guarantee cross-channel consistency.

Cuprinol ran the campaign every weekend during spring 2018 with extensions on bank holidays, using keyword, interest and audience targeting to help them reach the right people. To maximise performance, they optimised budget for the best-performing ads. (Their Promoted Pins proved so popular that Cuprinol diverted more of their budget to them.)

Katy Woodward, Associate Director
“The great results that MediaCom achieved on Pinterest for Cuprinol is another testament to the positive impact of our collaboration. Pinterest is a key touch point in the Cuprinol customer journey and we're excited to continue working on the platform for our clients moving forward.”

Their results

Record-breaking clickthrough rate

Cuprinol’s Garden Shades campaign posted exceptionally strong results. Their video view rate was over 10% higher than they’d ever achieved on other platforms.

This campaign also delivered the highest click-through rate the brand has ever generated on Pinterest, and all for a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) below forecast, at around 35% less than they’d ever achieved in campaigns targeting similar audiences.

Advertiser Tips

  • Videos are still fairly new on Pinterest, so use that to your advantage and start now while the market is fresh and unsaturated.
  • Think vertical with your creative. Pinners are happy to scroll for a high-quality journey.
  • Align the content on your landing page to the Pin you are promoting.
  • Use Pinterest to reach people actively looking for inspiration and product ideas.


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