Clem Around the Corner

Tapping into Pinterest to help people create homes they love

The Paris-based home décor blog ramped up their Pinterest game with daily Pins, better trend alignment, and vertical graphics, an approach that brings an additional 2,000 people to their site every day.

daily referrals from Pinterest
monthly visitors to their Pinterest profile
Their goal

Increasing traffic to the blog

Clem, founder of home decor blog Clem Around the Corner, wants to help people feel at home wherever they live. After working in finance for several years, she left her job to dedicate herself to the blog, where she shares inspiration, the latest trends in design and home decor, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that help people improve their interiors.

Based in Paris, Clem’s goal has always been to promote photos that look like, and ideas that work with, places people actually live—not the perfectly arranged tableaus of a typical home decor catalogue. She aims to provide her readers with the inspiration and tools they need to create unique spaces that reflect who they are.

Clem Around The Corner was hoping to reach more readers by sharing their ideas and solutions precisely when their audience needed them. That’s why they looked to Pinterest. Every month in France, people pin 12 million home decor ideas.1 Worldwide, 85% of home decor shoppers browse Pinterest to find new ideas.2 So, Clem Around The Corner’s content is a perfect fit.

Specifically, their goals were to increase traffic to their blog and encourage people to spend more time and visit more pages on the site.

Clémence André
Founder, Clem Around the Corner
“We started intensifying our Pinning after one day when I saw that one of my Pins had been repined and seen by and important number of viewers. The following month, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest working on how to improve other Pins, and that’s when it really started to pick up.”
Their solution

Adding Pinterest to the daily routine

To raise awareness about their blog, Clem’s team had three new approaches in mind. They wanted to:

  • Share content on Pinterest daily.

  • Tie their own editorial content more closely to trends on the platform.

  • Create visuals specifically catered to Pinterest and the way people use it.

Publishing their own content on the Clem Around the Corner Pinterest profile quickly became a daily habit. Additionally, adding the Save button to their site content encouraged blog readers to save content to their own boards and help get Clem’s content seen by more people.

To tie their content to trends, the team has made spending time on Pinterest each morning part of their daily routine. They spend about an hour every morning creating a few high-quality Pins to promote the blog content. If their focus for the day is about a DIY project, for example, they’ll create an accompanying Pin in vertical format to illustrate the various steps. In fact, Clem Around the Corner has come to prioritise vertical formats for their Pins, which work better on mobile screens.

They’ve also learned that using keywords and hashtags in their Pin descriptions helps people find their content. Overlay text can also give Pinners some quick context for what each Pin is about.

During their Pinterest time each day, the team also looks for inspiration, searches for new ideas and keeps an eye on what's trending. After couple of years of following this strategy, Clem Around The Corner is now seeing Pins from previous years come back around, becoming popular again them without them having to do any additional work.

Their results

A traffic jam

Pinterest has become Clem Around The Corner’s top traffic generator, providing almost 100% of their social referral traffic. They welcome over 2,000 blog readers from Pinterest every day, and average 10M monthly visitors on their Pinterest profile.

The return Clem and her team have received in terms of traffic has been more than worth the time investment they’ve made to make the platform work for them.