Catapulting return on ad spend through Shopping Ads

The DIY and home improvement retailer increased its return on ad spend by 7X using an always on shopping campaign strategy that combined prospecting with dynamic retargeting on Pinterest.

increase in overall return on ad spend
increase in ROAS by launching dynamic retargeting alongside prospecting shopping campaigns
Driving sales on the Pinterest platform

Founded in 1969, B&Q is the UK’s leading home improvement and garden living retailer, well known throughout the country for their iconic orange brand. They have a simple mission: to make home improvement more accessible to everyone. B&Q wanted to diversify the range of platforms that they were using for performance marketing. Their primary objective was to drive sales, with return on ad spend (ROAS) selected as the KPI.

Edgar Mason, Client Service Director
“A great example of how the partnership between B&Q, Merkle and Pinterest has driven both amazing results and an improved customer experience. Pinterest Shopping has enabled us to provide consumers a seamless experience from inspiration to purchase.”
Optimising ads for campaign success

For numerous reasons, Pinterest was an ideal platform. B&Q's Media Agency, Merkle, was eager to experiment with Shopping Ads, as they were using a similar strategy on other platforms and wanted to test it on Pinterest. In addition, Merkle, was aware that Pinners are 5.5X2 more likely to convert when Shopping Ads are part of the campaign, making this a great strategy for driving sales. Pinterest also gave them the ability to test a strong lower funnel strategy, as before launching shopping, B&Q had only run CPM campaigns.

The campaign was anchored around product Rich Pins, which were dynamically created from B&Q’s product feed. The strategy involved a blend of prospecting and remarketing (dynamic retargeting) shopping campaigns that made use of oCPM bidding (conversion optimisation), enabling B&Q to connect with Pinners who may have been interested in home improvement products.

B&Q decided to take a long-term approach to their campaign, rather than getting preoccupied with immediate results. They focused on finding pockets of success, before tweaking and optimising their campaign. Instead of a flighted, one and done strategy – which isn’t ideal for shopping campaigns – they decided to implement Shopping Ads as a “business as usual” strategy, supporting always-on and seasonal product categories on an ongoing basis.


Joe Laurie, Paid Social Associate
“Harnessing the power of Pinterest Shopping through the use of a shopping feed and dynamic advertising allowed Pinterest to become a fierce competitor in B&Q’s social landscape, helping to diversify revenue streams and modernise Paid Social strategy. ”
Boosting ROAS with Shopping Ads

B&Q’s campaign performed well, driving a strong ROAS that hit all the company’s benchmarks. Because Merkle continually optimised the campaign, they achieved an increased ROAS month after month. The account’s ROAS improved by almost 7X1 since launch, while moving from a CPC campaign to oCPM bidding helped to drive ROAS by 2X. Furthermore, B&Q generated a 40% increase in ROAS by launching dynamic retargeting, rather than just prospecting. All in all, the campaign was a success, with over 12,000 checkouts driven by Pinterest shopping campaigns over a 6-month period.

Advertiser Tips
  • Optimise your shopping campaigns on a biweekly basis, or more frequently. This will allow you to capitalise upon pockets of success wherever you find them, so you can take full advantage of the success of your campaign.
  • Ensure you’re reaching shoppers at every stage of their journey by running a combination of prospecting and remarketing campaigns.
  • Run standard and shopping campaigns simultaneously to increase your overall return on ad spend. B&Q saw a 33% increase in ROAS when they ran a standard brand campaign with always-on shopping
  • Use lifestyle images in your product feed to improve your shopping campaign performance.


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