Promoted Pins helped Boursin increase awareness and intent

Gourmet cheese Boursin’s holiday campaign raised overall brand awareness by 35% and intent to purchase by 25%.

35 %
increase in brand awareness
25 %
increase in purchase intent
Their goal

Using Pinterest to create brand awareness

When Francois Boursin introduced his Garlic and Fine Herbs fresh cheese in 1957, he was inspired by Normandy’s culinary creativity, where people often blended their own fresh cheese with a selection of herbs. Today, Boursin is part of Bel Brands USA and caters to gourmet cheese lovers in over 35 countries. 

Despite its global reach, Boursin has relatively low penetration and awareness in the United States. They wanted to drive brand awareness with a Promoted Pin campaign highlighting ways hosts could wow guests using Boursin cheese during holiday gatherings. They also wanted to make gourmet cheese less intimidating by showing what it looked like to open a box of Boursin and use it in really easy yet impressive ways.

Melanie Nemoy
Brand Manager, Bel Brands USA
“We're a relatively small, niche brand. Our penetration is low. Our awareness is low. And so we don't have huge investment levels behind the brand. For us to see the types of movement that we saw in that Millward Brown study was just really exciting because it showed us that we’re putting our dollars in the right place.”
Their solution

Inspiring people with simple ways to “wow"

Because entertaining is at the heart of their brand, Boursin wanted to reach people looking for party-planning inspiration on Pinterest. It was a natural choice: food is a top category on the platform, with 3 billion food and drink ideas saved in the past year alone.

Boursin teamed up with Y&R and Resolution Media to create 18 Promoted Pins as part of a “Made to Wow” campaign that featured easy home entertaining ideas. For Thanksgiving, they introduced a “leftover toast bar” Pin that creatively paired Boursin cheese and toast with toppings like turkey, cranberry sauce and butternut squash. And for Christmas, they designed a Pin that showed off simple ways to make puff pastry tarts with a Boursin filling. Boursin prominently featured their product packaging in each photo, which was key to increasing brand awareness.

Resolution Media helped Boursin optimize its timing strategy and targeting, too. They timed their campaign to reach people two to three months before major holidays, since that’s when many people start using Pinterest to plan their holiday recipes and purchases. They used targeting keywords relevant to holiday entertaining, tested for a bit, then optimized the Promoted Pins that performed best.

The results

Driving significant brand metrics

Boursin’s Promoted Pin campaign led to positive growth in brand awareness and nudged people closer to purchase. According to a Millward Brown Brand Lift Insights study, there was a 35% increase in brand awareness. What’s more, those who saw Boursin's ads on Pinterest said they were 25% more likely to purchase the cheese.1

Boursin also learned that Pinterest was a great way to reach millennials: compared to other channels, their Pinterest media resonated particularly well with people aged 18-34. Brand awareness among millennials increased 55% and purchase intent increased 57%.2


1-2 Millward Brown Brand Lift Insights study, 2017

Melanie Nemoy
Brand Manager, Bel Brands USA
“We've identified Pinterest as a great way to reach the millennials segment of our target, and that’s a key finding coming out of this campaign. When we looked at what was happening on Pinterest, and who was engaging with our content, and who it was resonating with, it was millennials.”


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