A smooth path for growth

Blissy wants to disrupt the luxury bedding industry by offering high-quality, 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases for less. Their five-person team came to Pinterest with the goal of competing head-to-head with established brands. They wanted to educate people about the benefits of sleeping on silk and scaling up their marketing cost-effectively.

For their first phase, they created standard Pins that reflected the team’s real-life experiences: Photos of smiling people waking up happy and rested because, as the copy explained, Blissy’s hypoallergenic pillowcases don’t dry skin or create bed head like cotton cases do. Their Pins were targeted to women 35 and up, and they used conversion campaigns to ensure they reached those most likely to purchase. They also retargeted people who expressed interest, showing them product review and testimonial videos.

return on ad spend in their first US campaign
return on ad spend in global campaigns
Dreamy results

Blissy is the first to market their silk product on such a large scale with Pinterest—and the approach has paid off. They quickly achieved their initial goal of a 4x return on ad spend (ROAS), so they expanded the effort with more campaigns, more markets and a larger investment, all while maintaining or growing their ROAS.

For their second phase, Blissy plans to focus on reach and branding while testing other objectives.

Vahe Haroutounian, Marketing Director
“Our initial campaigns on Pinterest have delivered amazing results. We never thought we’d be able to scale up this fast, but after just a few months, we’re running multiple campaigns and reaching international audiences.”
Advertiser tips
  1. If you’re getting a good return on ad spend, go ahead and hit the gas to scale up your efforts and grow.

  2. Small teams can deliver big results! Dream it. Do it.


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