Birds Eye

Pins with easy recipes get people to take another look

Frozen foods pioneer gets people to take a second look at their offerings using Promoted Pins, reaching more than 5.5 million people and achieving a 50% view-through rate.1

video views through Pinterest
video view-through rate

Their goal

Raise awareness for innovative products

Birds Eye vegetables are flash frozen at the peak of ripeness, locking in more nutrition and preventing more waste than fresh vegetables.

Birds Eye is more than just frozen peas, sweetcorn and broccoli, however. They’re also one of the largest purveyors of classics such as fish fingers and frozen dinners. Their efforts are all part of Birds Eye’s mission to be the top provider of natural, freshly frozen food to families in the UK.

Birds Eye wanted to reach people who had written off frozen foods in this era of fresh, organic produce. They aimed to introduce their newer products, encourage families to reappraise frozen food and consider how they could use Birds Eye products in nutritious and versatile recipes.

One of the reasons Birds Eye used Pinterest? There are over 250 million people around the world who use the platform every month.2 Another reason was that Pinterest has generated very strong return on advertising spend (ROAS) results for Birds Eye in the past.

Colin Buckingham, Digital Marketing Manager
Birds Eye
“Pinterest was key to enabling our campaign to be seen in as many places as possible. The engagement and resulting consideration was phenomenal, with a higher than 50% view-through rate for those we reached on Pinterest. We will continue to explore Pinterest as a powerful platform for our campaigns.”

Their solution

Attracting attention with easy recipes

To get consumers, especially “deciders” to take another look at frozen foods, Birds Eye wanted to highlight interesting recipes people can make with their products. In particular, Birds Eye wanted to tout the versatility of waffles, while emphasizing the nutritional strengths of peas.

Birds Eye UK looked to Pinterest to drive incremental reach for their "peas and waffles" campaign, which would also run on TV, video-on-demand, and Facebook.

Working with their agency Recipe, Birds Eye studied what kind of creative resonated most with people on Pinterest, and then applied those insights to their Pins. That led to things like:

  • Deconstructed recipe Pins, which illustrated ingredients for easier shopping.
  • Adding text overlay to image and video Pins for easier consumer recall.
  • Pins that featured lists of ingredients.
  • Using 'hero' pictures and signposts to feature a food preference such as gluten-free.
  • Including popular Pinterest keywords and hashtags in the Pin description.

These optimisations made Birds Eye's Pins much more inspiring and effective. While they started off with a wide variety of Promoted Pins, the team tracked effectiveness and cut low-performing Pins in favor of high-performing ones as the campaign continued.

Their results

50% view-through rate drives consideration

The campaign worked for Birds Eye, with a good cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for image-based Pins, and a low cost per view (CPV) from more than 5.5 million video views, versus the given benchmarks.

Even more impressive, the Birds Eye campaign on Pinterest netted a massive 50% view-through rate, which tracks any online actions related to Birds Eye by people on Pinterest, including click-throughs, separate site visits, purchases and more.

Advertiser tips

  • Pinterest is a great place to reach “deciders” – female household shoppers.

  • Study what makes content most native and actionable on Pinterest and apply those learnings.

  • Optimise campaigns by quickly winnowing out lesser-performing Pins.


1Birds Eye data, 2017

2Pinterest, Global analysis, Sep 2018