American Family Insurance

Lifting product awareness for home insurance by 4%

The insurance company used Promoted Video to illustrate a few good reasons why home buyers need coverage, lifting product awareness by 4%.1

lift in overall product awareness
increase in product awareness

Their goal

Reaching Millennials and home buyers

American Family Insurance is in the business of dreams—inspiring, protecting and restoring them. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, they make it their mission to give customers unparalleled service and support. They focus on meeting the multi-line insurance needs of their customers and aim to be the most trusted, valued and customer-driven insurance company in the market.  

American Family Insurance was one of the first financial services advertisers on Pinterest. For this particular campaign, they worked with their agency, Mindshare to improve awareness and consideration of their home insurance products. They also wanted to increase brand familiarity among Millennials, and people looking for content related to moving or buying a home.

Clint Armstrong, Group Director
“AMFAM was one of the very first Financial Services partners on Pinterest. Over the past two years, we’ve really started to refine our strategy to better align to our product priorities. We see a lot of potential on the platform, especially given how well our mission statements align.”

Their solution

Educating home buyers about insurance

People use Pinterest to take steps toward achieving their dreams, including buying a home. American Family knew that their target audience was on the platform, which reaches one in two US Millennials,2 and has 45 million Pinners actively engaging with home content.3

Financial services is a hot topic on Pinterest. As of October 2018, there were 9.5 million Pinners actively engaging with financial services content on Pinterest.4 Among those engaging weekly with financial services content, 53% use Pinterest to discover financial services products on their path to purchase, and 41% made a purchase based on financial services content from brands on Pinterest.5

American Family’s previous campaign had performed well from an engagement perspective. Wanting to do even better, for this campaign they decided to use video for the first time and to develop all their Pins in line with Pinterest creative best practices. That included prominently featuring their logo and branding, and adding text overlays to provide context and highlight benefits.

The resulting short videos illustrated why home insurance is important: Lightning striking a roof, a short-circuiting coffee maker catching fire and a baseball breaking through a window. American Family ran the videos in both standard Promoted Video, and Promoted Video at max. width. The campaign also included standard Promoted Pins about finding the right coverage, saving for a down payment and home maintenance, among other related topics.

To connect with the right audience, they used keyword, interest and audience targeting, including an actalike audience based on people who had previously engaged with American Family’s Pins.

They also worked with our measurement team on a strategy to maximize brand lift and gauge the campaign’s impact with a Millward Brown Brand Lift Insights study.

Their results

4% lift in overall product awareness

The study showed that the memorable American Family Insurance campaign improved overall product awareness by 4%.6

Max. width Promoted Video helped improve product awareness, driving an increase of 6%.7

American Family’s targeting strategy also improved results, including a 13% increase in product awareness among the actalike audience.8

Clint Armstrong, Group Director
“Pinterest is a place where people come to plan their lives and build their dreams; AMFAM is dedicated to protecting them and supporting them throughout the process.”

Advertiser tips

  1. Consider using both video formats. For American Family Insurance, max. width video was key to increasing brand awareness and familiarity, while standard video helped build ad recall.
  2. Keep it short. Shorter videos were more effective at communicating messaging.
  3. Follow best practices. Along with strong branding, following Pinterest creative best practices helped drive brand and product awareness.


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