Adore Me

Promoting on Pinterest

Adore Me is a monthly subscription service for stylish lingerie. The team was looking for new ways to engage with millennial women, which is why they joined Pinterest. “Pinterest is a perfect fit for us given the audience and creativity on the platform,” said Gabriela Parada, Adore Me’s social media manager. “Given the very visual nature of e­commerce, Pinterest is one of our most prioritized channels.” she said.

Adore Me saw lots of organic growth on Pinterest—a steady increase in followers, engagement and referred sales. To increase their reach, they started using Promoted Pins.

“Promoted Pins were a no brainer for us, and we’ve seen incredible success with Pinterest ads,” Parada said.

    50 %
    higher click-to-purchase rate compared to other channels
    2600 %
    increase in traffic coming from Pinterest
    Gabriela Parada
    Social Media Manager, Adore Me
    “It’s not uncommon for our CPA on Pinterest to be 10-50% lower than it is on other advertising channels at any given time.”
    Reaching new customers on Pinterest

    With the help of 4C and the Pinterest Ads API, Adore Me increased their Pinterest revenue by 4000%. And that’s not all: data shows Adore Me is reaching entirely brand new customers they haven’t reached through other paid channels. Customers acquired through Pinterest also spend 20% more over time compared to customers coming from other channels.

    “With 4C we've been able to launch multiple campaigns at once, quickly and easily. Since we're constantly testing new creatives with different keyword and targeting variations, this is a small but crucial detail that helps us run our Pinterest ads more efficiently,” Parada said.

    Learning what works

    Through testing, they’ve learned that people prefer Pins that don't show faces—instead, people prefer when a model’s face is turned away or cropped out so they can imagine themselves wearing the lingerie.

    Their most successful Promoted Pins also include a compelling image and a clear, detailed description that explains Adore Me’s subscription model.

    Adore Me runs seasonal campaigns early on Pinterest, knowing that people start to search for related content up to 2 months before a given holiday.

    “The results from our Promoted Pins have exceeded our expectations and really demonstrate the power of Pinterest as a viable acquisition channel,” Parada said.

    Since using Promoted Pins, Adore Me has seen:

    • A 3700% increase in purchases coming from Pinterest
    • A 6000% increase in email signups coming from Pinterest
    • A 2600% increase in traffic coming from Pinterest
    • A 50% higher click-to-purchase rate on Promoted Pins compared to other channels, especially on mobile