Adaptly for Green Chef

Their goal

Green Chef, a meal delivery service, turned to Adaptly to reduce their cost-per-acquisition on Pinterest. At their first strategy meeting, Adaptly learned that while Green Chef had a low cost-per-click, their cost-per-action for sign-ups and checkouts on Pinterest were higher than they wanted. 

Their solution

Adaptly identified that Green Chef had low brand awareness and recommended that the brand update their creative to more explicitly showcase their product offerings. This would help Green Chef attract Pinners who intended to purchase a meal delivery service, rather than people who were simply searching for recipes. 

Green Chef developed new creative with multiple images that clearly conveyed their brand. Adaptly also provided keyword targeting recommendations to capitalize on both competitor targets and timely topics (ex. New Year’s resolutions).


After implementing Adaptly’s recommendations, Green Chef drove down sign-up and checkout CPAs on Pinterest. Between December and January, they spent 119% more, but their costs decreased. This allowed Green Chef to scale their campaigns efficiently. Overall, Green Chef saw a 55% decrease in sign-up CPA and 63% drop in checkout CPA. 

Jake Malanoski
Marketing Manager, Green Chef
“Adaptly enabled Green Chef to cut sign-up and checkout CPAs by more than half, and realize Pinterest’s potential as a strong channel for conversions.”
+ 55 %
increase in sign-up cost per action
+ 63 %
decrease in checkout cost per action
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