Promoted App Pins helped 8fit drive installs and signups

The workout and meal plan app used Promoted App Pins to drive signups directly from Pinterest. Referrals from Pinterest gave 8fit up to 5% higher signup rates than other platforms and an up to 90% lower CPM.

Up to 5 %
higher signup rates than other platforms
Up to 50 %
higher subscription rates than other platforms
Their goal

8fit guides people to a healthier lifestyle. The app provides customized workouts and meal plans, plus trackers to help people chart their progress. It’s like a digital personal trainer, customized to each user’s fitness level and health goals. 8fit’s core audience is fitness beginners who want to jumpstart a healthier routine. It’s also popular with busy parents who need tips and guides on the go.

To grow their user base, 8fit started looking for new marketing channels where their core audience in the US and UK was already highly engaged. In the short term, they wanted to drive app installs and increase paid subscriptions for their premium 8fit Pro offering. In the long term, they wanted to determine which marketing platform would provide the best overall results: referrals with a high customer lifetime value (CLV), strong retention rates and an optimal return on ad spend (ROAS).

Thomas Petit,
Growth Manager, 8fit
“After a few months running Promoted App Pins, we're thrilled by the marketing performance as well as the support and advice we received to help us scale.”
Their solution

Pinterest is an ideal marketing channel for 8fit since their core audiences already use Pinterest in their day-to-day lives and the platform boasts a lot of fitness, health and food content. 8fit also appreciates that people use Pinterest for both browsing and searching. Since people use Pinterest to find new ideas, they’re in the right mindset to discover health and fitness tips.

8fit was a beta partner for Pinterest’s new Promoted App Pins, which enable people to install apps directly from Pinterest. The team split their campaigns by gender and country so they could create customized content for each audience. They started with narrow targeting, then scaled to a wider audience once they got a sense of what was working. 8fit also optimized their ad creative over time as they learned what resonated with different kinds of Pinners.


Pinterest proved to be a strategic platform for 8fit’s install, account signup and paid subscription goals. Customers referred from Pinterest were better customers than people found on other platforms. 8fit learned to use a longer attribution window to best capture Pinterest referrals, which can occur over a longer timeframe than seen on other platforms. Once Pinners sign up, they’re more valuable than other referrals because they use the app more frequently and show stronger intent to subscribe to a paid membership.  

On iOS, 8fit saw signup rates that were up to 5% higher than they achieved on other platforms and up to 50% higher subscription rates for their premium service. Meanwhile, their CPM was 60-90% lower than on other platforms. Performance varied somewhat based on campaign specifics, so 8fit learned a lot about how to optimize their next round of Promoted App Pins.

After seeing success with their Promoted App Pin campaign in the US and UK, 8fit hopes to scale their campaigns to newer Pinterest ad markets like Ireland and Australia. 8fit is also ramping up their organic content on Pinterest to get more out of the platform. They’re now working directly with Pinterest’s in-house creative teams to improve their content strategy so they can reach even more Pinners who are ready for fitness inspiration and personalized guidance.