Save Button for websites

Make it easy for people to save your site’s content

The Save button helps people save your website's content directly to Pinterest. Once you install the button, a clickable Pinterest logo will appear on your website’s images. Visitors can click the logo to save your content straight to their Pinterest boards.

Boost impressions on and off Pinterest

Every time someone uses the Save button, they add more of your content to Pinterest. That means other Pinners will see it too, boosting your impressions.

See what Pinners love

Once you add the Save button to your website, you can use Pinterest Analytics to see what content from your site is most popular on Pinterest. You can also track what Pinners are saving directly from your site.

save button on hover
Adapt the button for your needs

There are two types of Save buttons: automatic buttons and hover buttons. With the automatic button, a clickable Pinterest logo will appear on every image on your site. If you choose the “hover” version, a clickable logo will appear when someone mouses directly over an image. Both buttons let Pinners save directly to their boards.

You can configure the Save button’s size, shape and color to match your website’s look and feel. You’ll need to know basic HTML to build the button. It just takes a few minutes to build using our detailed instructions.