Pinterest Promoted Video ads

Videos people want to watch

People come to Pinterest for ideas on what to do or buy next. Videos are a great way to showcase ideas and products with sight, sound and motion

Videos play a special role on Pinterest. On other platforms, videos interrupt people while they're trying to read updates from friends. On Pinterest, videos help people get more out of the platform.

Our videos are high-quality, coming from brands, publishers and creators. We only enable video creation for business accounts, setting a higher bar for quality than user-generated content.

Businesses show their videos in two different widths—a standard width and maximum width format. Max. width is bigger, and built for businesses to get awareness.

61 %
enjoy seeing content from brands on Pinterest
2.6 x
more likely to make a purchase
Get things rolling with autoplay

Promoted Videos spark into motion the moment people scroll by—no need to even hit Play. Your videos get more views, and Pinners learn more about your brand and all it has to offer.

Playing for audiences everywhere

Your Promoted Videos can show up in people's home feeds, search results and the "More like this" section at the bottom of every Pin closeup. Our targeting tools make it easy for you to reach the right audience. You can target videos by keyword, interest, gender, mobile device and more. 

Now with two formats
Max width size comparison

We now have two formats for your video content. Use Promoted Video at standard width to achieve efficient costs-per-view or use Promoted Video at max. width to stand out in feed.

Campaigns that measure up

See who saw it— look back on any campaign and find out who you reached and time spent with your content.

  • View your views—Using the Media Rating Council standard of 2 seconds of play with at least 50% of the video in view.

  • See how much people saw—Did they watch all your video, or just 25%? Our reporting helps you break it all down.

  • Learn what did people did—Including how many saves, closeups and clicks to your website you got.

Measurement partners include Millward Brown, Oracle Data Cloud and more.

Dan Radman
Sr. Media Director, US Marketing, Visa Inc.
“Visa has seen great success in reaching an engaged millennial audience who is ready to take action on Pinterest. We're excited to now show our videos as people are searching and browsing for new ideas, including products and experiences they want to purchase.”
Check the specs

Your video must be 

.mp4 or .mov

H.264 encoded 

Minimum 4 seconds to maximum 30 minutes

Under 2GB in size

For max width video, aspect ratio must be square (1:1) or widescreen (16:9)

We suggest 

240 ppi resolution

25 FPS framerate

10-20 seconds video length

For standard width video, we suggest square (1:1) or vertical (9:16) aspect ratio


Ready to give Promoted Video a try?

Promoted Videos are available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Contact your Pinterest team or PMP, or log into Ads Manager to get started.

Performance stats come from Pinterest studies run with a third party research firm. Stats are from June 2016. 

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