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Reel people in with video Pins

Video Pins stand out in people’s feeds and help you tell a stronger story. They’re popular with Pinners, too—when people see video Pins, they’re more inspired to bring ideas to life.  

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We offer two sizes for Promoted Video: Max. width, and standard. Promoted Video at max. width stretches across people’s entire feeds on mobile, helping your brand stand out. Standard width videos are the same size as regular Pins, and give you an efficient cost per view. Whatever size you choose, make sure to follow our creative best practices!

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Promoted Videos can appear in people’s home feeds, in search results or in the “More like this” section below a Pin closeup. You can pick from audience, keyword or interests targeting.

Lights, camera, results!

Once your Promoted Videos are up and running, use our reporting tools to understand who you reached, and how much time they spent watching. In addition to standard metrics like impressions and clicks, we recommend looking at these video metrics:

  • Views: We use the Media Rating Council’s definition for video views. It counts as a “view” if someone watched at least two seconds of your video, with at least 50% of the video visible on their screen.  

  • View length: Our reporting shows you whether people watched part of your video, or the whole thing.  

  • Engagements: Learn what action people took on your video Pin. We track actions like saves, closeups and clicks to your site.  

If you want even more metrics, you can work with one of our measurement partners to get advanced reporting.

Dan Radman
Sr. Media Director, US Marketing, Visa Inc.
“Visa has seen great success in reaching an engaged millennial audience who is ready to take action on Pinterest. We're excited to now show our videos as people are searching and browsing for new ideas, including products and experiences they want to purchase.”
It's showtime

You can get set up video campaigns within Ads Manager, with your Pinterest team, or via an approved Marketing Partner. Pinterest ads are available to business accounts in specific countries. Please refer to our Help Center for more information. 

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