Pinterest Tag

Measure success

The Pinterest Tag makes it possible to track the actions people take on your website after seeing your Promoted Pin. You can use this information to measure return on ad spend (ROAS) and create audiences to target with your Promoted Pins.

Track high-intent actions on Pinterest

Engagements on Pinterest demonstrate that you’ve caught someone’s eye, and they’re considering doing more with your idea. Use the Pinterest Tag to see how these impressions, closeups, clicks and saves pave the way to purchase.

Promoted Pins generate earned impressions

Each time someone saves your Pin their followers can see it too, so you’ll continue to get more impressions the longer your content is on Pinterest.

Track actions on your website

With the Pinterest Tag, you can track:

  • Page visits

  • Category views

  • Searches

  • When items are added to a cart

  • Checkouts

  • Signups

  • Video views

  • Lead gen activity

  • Or, add an event for the purpose of audience targeting  

This allows you to track a lot more events and enables you to create audiences that are closely aligned with your business goals.

Action starts earlier on Pinterest

Use your Pinterest Tag to evaluate the true effectiveness of your Promoted Pins.

People come to Pinterest in a consideration mindset, saving ideas to their boards helps them try before they buy. Using a longer attribution window for clicks and engagements will help you see how this activity leads to conversion.

We recommend an attribution window of at least 30 days for clicks and engagements, and at least a 1-day attribution window for views.

Track actions across devices

Using the Pinterest Tag, you’ll also be able to map activity across devices, which will show you where people engage with your content and where they convert.

80% of Pinners use Pinterest on mobile,1 but people typically take that final action on a desktop. So, tracking across multiple devices is an important part of understanding your performance.

Ready to get started?

In addition to measuring success, the Pinterest Tag can also help you with audience targeting.

1. Pinterest, Global analysis, Mar 2017