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From new gadgets and dream living rooms to refreshing cocktails, here’s what Pinners are trying lately.

Meet Becki

A software recruiter and mom finding new ways to save for retirement

Meet Jillian

A college freshman who transformed her childhood bedroom into a college dorm

Meet Mikayla

A budding entrepreneur who turned a Pin into her own small business

Meet Kris

A teacher and mom who found a new way to shop for a car

Meet Kaline

An account manager and cocktail lover who was searching for the perfect drink

Meet Mbali

A design loving entrepreneur who found the perfect couch for her new apartment

Meet Nneka

A hairstyle and fashion lover who found a beautiful African print shirt

Meet Ryan

A freelance photographer, musician and fashion buff who found the perfect jacket for fall

Meet Jacob

A director, photographer, and dad who discovered a jacket that was just his style

Meet Sean

A professor, graphic designer, and dad who fell for a high-tech flashlight

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