Pinterest ad targeting capabilities

Design relevant ad campaigns

Targeting creates a unique opportunity for your business to reach the millions of people who come to Pinterest every day to find or shop for your products and services.

Interest targeting

Get your Promoted Pins in front of people based on what they like (such as recipes and home decor), as they browse their category and home feeds.

Keyword targeting

Reach people ready to act on what they find with Promoted Pins targeted to appear in search results and as related Pins. Keyword targeting helps increase in-store sales, boost traffic and drive online actions by showing your products to people ready to take the next step.

Now, you can use features like match types, negative keywords and search term reports to target and optimize search terms with more precision.

Audience targeting

Show your ads to the people who are most likely to be receptive. You can target your website visitor list, customers from your CRM, or people who have already engaged with your brand on Pinterest. Once you’ve identified your most valuable customers, you can use actalike audiences to find other people with similar interests and behaviors. You can boost traffic and drive online actions with audience targeted campaigns.

Ready to get started?

To learn the ins and outs of setting up audiences, head over to the Help Center, or go straight to Ads Manager and get started today!