Understand the impact of your campaigns 

You can use our measurement tools to see how Promoted Pins help grow your business. Pinterest also partners with market research firms who measure online conversion behaviors so you can evaluate your Promoted Pin campaigns and increase the success of your business.

Online conversion measurement

The Pinterest tag lets you see how your Promoted Pins lead to conversions like page visits, signups and checkouts, or a custom action you choose. You can also use cross device reporting to see the path people take when they convert on your site. 

Brand lift measurement

We’ve partnered with Millward Brown to help you measure the impact of your campaign on brand attitudes. One brand lift study we conducted showed that people who saw Promoted Pins had a 20% lift in brand favorability and 16% lift in purchase intent compared to people who hadn’t. This is just one example of how Pinterest can drive brand results.

Offline sales measurement

Pinterest partners with Datalogix to help you measure the incremental impact of your Pinterest campaign on your customers’ in store purchases. Our studies have shown that Promoted Pin campaigns can lead to an increase of more than five times the incremental sales per impression.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about setting up the Pinterest tag, visit our Help Center. Businesses interested in working with MillwardBrown or Datalogix should contact their Marketing Partner.

Sources: Millward Brown brand lift study 2015; Oracle Data Cloud DLX CPG ROI measurement study 2016