Increase your email captures

Want to get more signups for your email list? Here’s some data-backed hints to get you going.1

Help people visualize your product in their lives  
Make it easy for people to imagine how your product, service or idea would fit into their lives. In our research, Pins that showed a person wearing or using an advertised product drove a 25% higher email conversion lift.

Use text overlay to add more detail
Your text overlay should tell people why they’ll benefit from subscribing to your email list. For example, Pins promoting a special sale or offer drove a 61% higher email conversion lift.   

Use the Pin description to add context and reinforce branding
Write a compelling description that tells people more about your brand. It’s helpful to mention your brand name, too. Pin descriptions that included a brand name in the first line drove a 54% higher email conversion lift.

Put a call to action in the description
Pins with clear, actionable wording perform better. We saw a 70% higher email conversion lift for Pin descriptions that included terms like "sign up," "enroll" or "discover."

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1. Pinterest, OCL creative meta analysis, May 2018

All performance metrics cited on this page come from our studies with third party measurement partners. The insights represent specific study results, and are not performance guarantees.