Your top plays for the Big Game on Pinterest

Game-winning decor

People are looking to bring the excitement of the stadium to their seat at home, and that means football-themed decor. Help them blitz the competition with finishes and accessories in team colors.

Recommended interests for targeting: Decoration, Home decor, DIY party

Crowd-pleasing food and drinks

Whether savory or sweet, bites and brews bring everyone together. This year, mocktails are MVPs, searches are up 736% year over year.3 Show them how to score that extra point with drink recipes (sans the alcohol) and food options that will please even the pickiest of eaters.

Recommended interests for targeting: Party food ideas, Cocktails, Drinks, Party desserts, Sweets

Huddle-worthy entertainment

People want to feel like they’re in the middle of the action, so it’s no surprise that searches for home theater ideas trend upwards around the Big Game.3 Be there when it matters with TVs, speakers and AV accessories.

Recommended interests for targeting: Entertainment centers, Electronics, Sports


Here are two creative ways that brands are using Pinterest to help hosts tackle game day:

McCormick and the Pinterest Party Playbook

The Big Game on Pinterest is about so much more than just football—it’s about the food! This year we teamed up with McCormick Spice and Frank’s RedHot to create the Pinterest Party Playbook. The Playbook is a Pinterest board that features more than 30 Pins and 15 delicious recipes. Each Pin is a Pinterest spin on a Big Game day play.

Kroger and the Underdog Recipe Campaign

Kroger, a leading retail company, worked with a member of the Pin Collective to develop the Underdog Recipe Campaign for their Simple Truth brand. The campaign includes 8 custom Pins, featuring unexpected, simple recipes—like Pigs in a Duvet and Gorgonzola and Olive Stuffed Cheese Balls—that will help gameday hosts steal the show.

Winning advertiser plays

Work these game-ready ideas into your next campaign to reach people while they’re planning:

  • Food always steals the show and this year, we’re seeing a shift towards lighter twists on game day classics (cauliflower wings, +47% YoY)3. Offer ideas for how people can cook up a feast that will help fuel them and their guests for the Big Game.

  • Make the game something everyone can enjoy. Work your product into kid-friendly activities to help parents keep their kids entertained from first downs to touchdown.

  • Help people get more mileage from their dry January, include ideas for mocktails in your campaigns. Searches for sober living, +746% YoY.4

What’s your next play?

While it may seem early, people on Pinterest are already kicking off their planning for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Get ahead of the game with our seasonal insights guide.

–Thea Carp, currently saving to Must Buy But Shouldn’t  

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Header photo credit: Kroger & Made with Moxie.