Your big, beautiful new showcase

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

More control over what people see

When you’re on the web, you can choose up to five of your boards to feature. If you have any Buyable Pins to share, you also have the option to highlight them in the first “Shop” slot. Update your showcase as often as you want to highlight what’s new this season, what’s on sale or whatever else makes sense for your business.

The same design across iPhone, Android and web

We’ve also given your profile a good winter cleaning, so now things look consistent across the web and our apps. The boards you showcase, the cover images you choose for each board—they look the same no matter where people choose to view your profile.

And a bunch of other improvements

Along with the bright new design, we’ve also made some updates to where things live. Now when people visit your profile, they see a tab for your boards and a tab for your Pins—the things they’re most interested in. So if someone wants the total number of ideas you’ve saved, they just switch over to your Pins tab. Meanwhile the Pins you’ve Liked, which other people don’t really care about, are only visible to you.

On mobile, your new showcase sits right where the stack of your most recent Pins used to be. So instead of starting people off with a random sampling of your latest saves, you control what they see. We’ve also added a way for you to select new board cover images on your phone, so you can make adjustments when you’re out and about.

You’ll start to see these new improvements on the Pinterest website and apps beginning today. Come visit your new profile on the web to fill your showcase with the best ideas you have to offer. If you need a little inspiration, check out the amazing showcases that Burberry, Swanson Broth, Corey Egan JewelryLowe’s and Monogram have created.


 If you have any questions, you can always find answers in our Help Center.

Once you get your showcase up and running, you’re ready to start promoting your Pinterest profile in your marketing and on your website. That way everyone can come see what great new ideas you’re featuring today!

—Adam Barton, currently saving ideas to man-dog road trips